New Is Awful? JSF GIT and Defense Visual Information (DVI) Directorate Sites


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1 April 2006
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Anyone can check this up?

Struggling for year with JST Team site - while having 5 Mb/s7,5 Mb/s internet, I just can't download hi-res images from their Media Gallery
Server seems to work very slow, and any attempt to download hi-res versions ends with fiasco in the most cases, not talking of videos.
Server doesn't support

Is that discrimination for European countries, or US users got the same results?

Then goes, that made its debut on April, 22
This is ex-
New search technologies allowed search time expanded from a fractions of seconds at previous site version to ...hmmm...several hours at the new one...for example, query 'Adnanced Tactical Fighter' is being performed already for an hour. Or, it's again just my situation?

Hail, new tech!


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Re: New Is Awful? JSF Global and Defense Visual Information (DVI) Directorate Sites

Is that discrimination for European countries
...just downloaded a couple of hi-rez pics from JSF Team an it worked ok.
Try videos or something really big kinda 5000x3000 resolution
This is what I get - downloading stops and cropped *.bmp image appears (this one is 3000x2400 pixels)


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Downloaded a 1,90Mb pic in seconds. I'll try to download a video this evening from home.

More than 30 minutes. Impossible download.

Old site and its *FAST* search system is working well so far at till you can...
While new DVI site has new photos uploaded, it also has many old photos deleted.
Slow for me as well (at home). Must assume it has to do with the mammoth security protocols that DoD has instituted. I now have time to turn on my computer and get a cup of coffee, and a quick discussion of sports before having to get down to business.
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