Navy Conducting Alternative Carrier Study


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Jun 1, 2019
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With robotic landing/takeoff systems removing the need for carrier trained pilots for carrier operations, I wonder why the carrier is still conceived as it did.

Why are all carriers conceived as self contained air forces with all services contained within? If the carrier is to penetrate into risky A2AD areas for range reasons then long term support systems can be left behind.

Perhaps what is needed is an FARP carrier, which is without a hanger and is used solely for rearm/refuel and ideally can be made cheap enough to be attriable. If one gives up recovery and take off at the same time, the ship can be made 1/2 the length. Sortie rates will come from having more hulls.


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Dec 15, 2012
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The window to get rid of aircraft carriers has closed. As China moves towards global power, than the US will want aircraft carriers to attack China's overseas holdings.

In the case of a global war, aircraft carriers will be used to attack Chinese bases in Africa, in the Indian Ocean, in South America, critical for isolating China, but not the main front.

In this situation, hybrid carriers offer nothing.


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Jan 28, 2008
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If China is going big, then lots of merit to the big deck suckers, was on the Big E in the 1980's (82-83 West Pac) and round the clock, sustained flight ops in the Indian Ocean playing around with the Minsk battle group (which by the way broke down a lot) with the amount of aircraft we could carry, impressive. I am on the edge regarding smaller deck carriers, seems not worth it and more than likely would be marine gas turbine hence back to fossil fuels, but I could be wrong too.

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