Nameless Russian (civil) compound helicopter


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12 July 2006
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Can anybody identify this Russian helicopter design with additional forward propulsion? It’s from the “Bulletin of the Russian Aviation Research Group of Air-Britain” No. 155, p. 36.

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Obviously, this is a derivative of the Kamov Ka 26/126/226/228 but I don't know its code. Ka 326? That would be pleasant.
Question: as this looks more to the original 26 than the final 228, do you know the date of this drawing?
Unfortunately, there is no date. Not later than September 2003 (this is the publication date of the mentioned bulletin.)

Sorry :(.
The book Unflown Wings says that this design may have been jointly conceived with RKIIGA (Riga Red Banner Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers) by Kamov.
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