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5 May 2007
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Project Heavy Bomber M-31 - (specially for Maveric)
The Development of the project was winnowed in initiative order in several variants under the general indication "31".
For ensuring the saving of the crew on all mode of the flight by project was provided use the separated cockpit.
Year: 1953
Engine: turbojet VD-5
Max speed: 1100 km/h
Cruise 1050 km/h
Range: 8500-10000 km
MTOW: 180000 kg ( "31-Б" :268 000 kg)
Bombs: 5000 kg - 12000 kg
Crew: 3


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M-33 ("33") -specially for Maveric.
The Project of the average heavy bomber, executed on scheme "tailless". The Take-off mass around -100000 kgs, cruising velocity - supersonic. The Arms - a bombs FAB-3000, nucleus bombs, operated missile weapon.
Regrettably other information no.
M-34 ("34")
Draft heavy "component" bomber. Max speed:1850 km/h. Range: 8700 km.


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The Supersonic heavy bomber was developed in several variants including "tailless".

Year: 1958
Engine: turbojet RD 16-17M
Span: - m
Lenght: - m
Height: - m
Max speed: 2200 km/h
Crew: 2

A.A.Bruk, K.G.Udalov, S.G.Smirnov, A.V.Arhipov, B.L.Puntus "The illustrated encyclopedia of aircrafts by V.M.Myasishchev EMZ" - Avico Press

S.Ganin A.Karpenko V.Kolnogorov "Отечественные бомбардировщики / Russian bombers" 2001
V.Il'in M. Levin "Bombers" 1997
N.Yakubovitch V.Lavrov "Planes Myasishchev" 1999


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The modelphoto of the Myasishchev composite bomber
reminds me the Convair 'SuperHustler' project.
Is there a bit of history behind this Myasishchev concept?
Thanks in advance.
Many, many thanks for you borovik,

for the Mjassischtschew M.33 I´ve seen a pic, but I would say it looks like a fighter, not a tailless bomber??

Maveric said:
for the Mjassischtschew M.33 I´ve seen a pic, but I would say it looks like a fighter, not a tailless bomber??

Karsten, coming from all publishing, which I dispose on today, M-33 passes as average bomber-tailless. Allow that were and the other drafts. With out excepting the fact that in some publications striking component of sectional bomber M-34 was mentioned as M-33.
lark said:

The modelphoto of the Myasishchev composite bomber
reminds me the Convair 'SuperHustler' project.
Is there a bit of history behind this Myasishchev concept?
Thanks in advance.
      A project of the sectional bomber
   By "M-34-50" program, the OKB-23 designers together with TsAGI's scientists worked at about 40 variants of the bomber's layout with various wing types (swept wing, "canard", tailless) and various ways of engines placement. This "sectional" bomber had to consist of 4-engine carrier and a striking plane (drone bomb later).
  There's one of these variants' photo posted – a disposable (nonrecoverable) heavy carrier with major fuel tanks and a (piloted) man-carrying aircraft loaded with weapons. Its extreme range was planned to reach, lightening all construction after about half of its flight by releasing empty tanks, engines and even wing. The project was not just exotic, but also spendthrift. :)
   Another variant M-50 with common aerodynamic scheme used huge fuel tanks suspended with an additional engines mounted at them. After taking off and consuming fuel, these tanks were to be released together with engines. As far as I know, the same variant considered also for the B-58.
  1)A model of the bomber with external fuel tanks equipped with the additional engines
  3) M-61(development M-44)
  Tupolev's OKB-156 was also assigned with the same task. There are some projects of the "competitor"  :)
( "5301","108","109" + "100")         I have more specifications and will post them or send, if needed.
   4)Tu "5301"
   5)"108" (P-4)
   6)"108" (NR-6) +"100"
   7)"108" (VD-7M)
   8 "109"-"108"+"100"
   9)Tu-96 + "100" (Remade under carrier "100" - Tu-95)
  10)Tu-95 + RS
  11)Striking plane RS (early variant)/Tsybin/


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A project of the sectional bomber conten.


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This model picture is, I believe, from an Air Enthusiasts magazine from about 15 years ago. It was before the flood of
Soviet designs were shown in numerous periodicals and books.
The caption for the picture did not identify the OKB or designation, but it did say it was probably a nuclear bomber. Since then many periodicals and books have shown a wealth of information on many Soviet designs, yet I haven't seen any more coverage of this design. Does anyone have any info on this design?


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from the form Engine Pods i think its from

Myasishchev OKB
M-50 Bounder to M-57 design. (wingform)
In 1958-59 in OKB-23 V.M.MYASISCHEV's is developed supersonic heavy plane "60" nucleus power installation (YASU). On brought photo is expressed tailless variant of one of the drafts Myasishchev OKB M-60.
There were and the other variants (sea basing, with engine "axial" schemes, on the base M-50...)
Myasischev, with constructor SKB-500 and CIAM, came to conclusion that on machine must stand TRDA with the temperature of the air before turbine not less 1400 K. Main criterion of the choice of the scheme of the location of the power installation were shown maximum its removing from crew. Besides, accomodation of the engines in fuselage vastly relieved the issue to him heats from reactor.
Seaplane had taken away hydrofoils. Crew took seats inwardly fuselage without canopy.

"Thorny way to nowhere. Notes of the aircraft designer " L.L.SELYAKOV
Russian bombers S.Ganin, A.Karpenko, V.Kolnogorov, 2001
"The illustrated encyclopedia of aircrafts by V.M.Myasishchev EMZ" by A.A.Bruk, K.G.Udalov, S.G.Smirnov, A.V.Arhipov, B.L.Puntus - Avico Press


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On cause M-57 (Posted by: Michel Van ) agree, schematic they similar , more so that draft variant was plenty of ( radically differring between itself)

" Besides traditional strategic aviation systems, the Air Forces considered(counted) expedient to work low-level (250-600) intercontinental bombing system with jumping up in area of the purpose up to 16000-17000 m with a nuclear power-plant and armed by guided missiles with range of flight of 500-1000 km. Within the limits of these offers in ОКБ-23 under direction of L.L.Selyakova in July, 1959 the preliminary project of the strategic aviation system M-57, was has been prepared by the further development of the ideas incorporated in project М-56. Preliminary calculations spoke, that there is an opportunity to receive the plane with the area of a wing 400 м2 and mass feedback on fuel of 70,2 %.
Externally М-57 was similar to the project of bomber А-57 of R.L.Bartini. According to the project plane M-57 should was to be carried out under the scheme(plan) of " a flying wing » (there was a variant with PGO=tail-first). The settlement area of a triangular wing with a corner swept on a forward edge 75 ° in a final variant was defined(determined) in 400 м2 , settlement cruiser aerodynamic quality on a supersonic mode was within the limits of 5,9-6,2. The take-off weight reached(achieved) 250 tons, thus mass feedback on fuel reached(achieved) 72,0 %. The Power-plant should consist of six engines NK-11 (НК-15). Cruiser supersonic speed of flight М-57 should correspond(meet) М=3,6, and a ceiling above the purpose to reach(achieve) 26000 m. the Arms of the plane should consist of 2 rockets of type Х-22.
Was planned to begin letnye tests of the plane in 1963. As well as in case of with М-56, all works above the project have been stopped in the beginning of 60th years.
Type: Strategic bomber
Crew, . 3 I II
Lenght, m. 62,45
Span, m.32
The area covered, м2 400
The maximal take-off weight, kg 220000-240000
Weight of fuel and oil(butter), kg 137000
Number of engines: 6 TRD НК-11 (ВК-15Б) or ВК-15М
Draft of the engine (take-off), kgs 25000-26000
Cruiser speed of flight, km/h (M =) Up to 3000 Up to 3200 (3,6)
Speed of the plane-shell, km/h 3700
Ceiling, m Above the purpose 26000
Practical 24000 25000
Range of flight, km 16200 17200
Arms KR 2 Х-22 ...

Sources of the information:
1. Aircraft and astronautics № 11.1999
2. V.M.Myasishcheva's planes / N.V.Yakubovich, V.N.Lavrov, 1999/
3. Russian bombers /S.Ganin, A.Karpenko, V.Kolnogorov, 2001/


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WOW! Ultrafantastic responses.Thanks!

There is a "bleed through" of another exotic design on Borovik's 3-view post. I would appreciate it you can identify that one as well. I'll see if any of the references cited are available for purchase.
Now you know))
BTW which Hiram Hackenbacker did you mean - Hiram J. or Hiram K.?
As far as know they both escaped to SU ;D ;D
A little off-topic - in his post from July 24, 2007, Borovik mentions the Tupolev "108"(P4), the concept of a turboprop powered delta wing area ruled bomber. This concept is absolutely unique because area ruling of the fuselage and antishock bodies on the rear of the wings only make sense at transsonic speeds near mach 1, well beyond the typical operating field of a turboprop (even for the Tupolev "Bear"). In his book "Soviet Secret Projects Bombers" Yefim Gordon shows a sketch of the "108" (the same as shown by Borovik) but without any datas. Does anybody have informations about the turboprop "108" (intended engines, estimated performance figures, dimensions, kind of propellers for these speeds, etc.)?
The 20-page Myasishchev thread has now been split and the Myasishchev topics reorganized for the most part.

This here topic is about the early jet bomber projects that are not covered elsewhere.
Here is the M-60 nuclear powered aircraft.


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Hi! M-31 desk top model.


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In my files,

there was an early project called SBD,for a jet bomber,led to develop M-4.


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the first time to know that,the Myasishchev M-31 was allocated
twice ?!,does anyone hear about that ?.

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