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19 December 2006
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First day's research done at Wright Patt.

Fun things:

1.) The F-108 had a zoom climb capability of 100kft plus.

2.) The estimated PKill for a trio of FALCON missiles fired was around 0.8 or 0.9 on a subsonic bomber -- this assumed PERFECT missile reliability. :lol:

3.) They had separate SACs and CSes for each of the three projected XB-70s ; AV-1, AV-2 and AV-3 due to all the differences. I also got the SACs for the projected B-70A version, CS for the YB-70, and SAC for XB-70B. :twisted:

Here's one page from one of the B-70A SACs.


Note the optimal combat speed of 1,700~ kts at 80,000+ ft. :twisted:

4.) The mighty Falcon could manouver at 40+ Gs below 10k feet, but at 70k, it can only manage a mere 4-5 Gs.

5.) Behold the mighty SUPER SCORPION:


Please note guys, that these are tentative --- resized down for web view -- I'm typing this from a laptop which doesn't have the speed to do heavy image processing -- or a USB any serious 300 DPI cleaned up images will have to wait until next week guys...
Outstanding, Ryan ! Don't know which is your research program (I assume trisonic bombers and long range interceptors). If I may dare, I'll give you two suggestions. First is, try and find:
ARDC, Historical Division, "History of the Air Research and Development Command, 1 Jan-30 June 1959", vol. 2, "The B-70 story". There are some surprises in there, expecially on the acceptance of "floating tips" design in 1956.. contrary to the vulgata. Secondly, try and find information regarding Study Requirement (SR)-169 from 6 Dec 1957 and ensuing companies' responses. There is a copy of the SR in National Archives in Philadelphia, but there ought be one in WP, too. Was originally "secret", but has been declassified since at least 2001.
My research is bascally on everything. I just concentrated on the cool stuff, like Triple sonic interceptors and bombers for the first day (I have I think four days to research there). I'm trying to get a whole spectrum of data across a wide swath of things -- at 400 pages a day scan rate, I can get 1,600 pages, that's about what 200+ separate SACs, etc.

There's a lot of stuff left from day one, like the B-52 series, and YF-93 stuff etc that I need to finish, along with the F-108, and I have an even larger list of more things to scan....

But, don't worry!

Where I live is only about two, three hours from Philadelphia, and I am only about 30 minutes from the National Archives at College Park; so later, I can do some research specifically for the Secret Projects Crowd ;D
Oh oh...before I forget. I did scan in an entire paper that was presented in the sixties about the B-70's ejection system, with some nice drawings. But you guys will have to wait until next week to see it. ;) Cause that's when I get back home to Maryland (Ohio is 9 hour drive, ugh)
I'd sell my soul for more info on the 1960 developement of the F-108. ;),408.0/highlight,f-108.html


Snark Assembly. At this point in today's scans, my scanner was being affected by SOMETHING, so a lot of my scans came out a bit weird; but nothing that can't be corrected in PSP.

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