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25 January 2010
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i have my own version of the af-x aircraft ,hope you like it


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Hi pedrosp,

is that model based in anything real or is this just pure invention from you?

It looks to me like he based the wing off of the tail-less F-16 design studies, only with an F-22 fuselage as seen for the X-44.
6th Generation Fighter

6Th generation fighter


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That reminds me alot of the X-36 unmanned test rig. I like that - how do you make these from scratch? I would be very interested if you could do an explaination.
hi pedrosp, that`s some amazing and original aircraft models,where did you get those projects??????
hi everyone I'm really sorry it took so long to reply,but i had a few troubles with my email and my access to the forum, i have a new email that i hope works better than the last one, and Paul I'm terribly sorry, if i did anything wrong when i posted my models on the forum,i did`t mean to upset anyone,so sorry,i ´m really glad that you liked my aircraft,Antonio my aircraft are fictional but they are based on some current stealth aircraft ,Rafael,the scale i use is 1:175 , i don't know if anyone else uses it,but the aircraft models are small so they can fit anywhere and are easier to work,like Ian said i make them from scratch,the materials i use are easy to find and cheap , for example i use polystyrene for the fuselage and rigid plastic for the wings ,canards, rudders etc... i don't have my web site yet ,so i posted some of my models on the "secretprojects forum", this is the first time i show them, i have more aircraft models ,but i can only post them if the forum administrators agree, Ian i`m glad that you want to know how i build my models,but it is a bit hard to explain in a few words and if the forum administrators agree, i promise next time i access the forum i will try to explain .

best regards to everyone
Generally, this is not the right forum to post fictional aircraft designs. The What-If Modelers Forum ( is the ideal forum for posting such things. If you post the occasional model to The Bar alongside on-topic posts elsewhere, thats fine, but if your primary purpose on the forum is post your fictional designs, then that's not really OK.

You can only have one account on the forum, please delete one of your accounts. If you have problems with an account, email me and I'll fix it.
hi everyone,í just want to say that thanks to Paul(overscan) advice, i finally posted some images of my new models, on the what if forum, if you want to see them, just search for "Pedrospe advanced aircraft ", on the what if FORUM "CURRENT AND FINISHED PROJECTS"i hope to see you soon, and thanks a lot for everything.

best regards

hi seruriermarsh ,if you want to see some more of my models,just go to, "current and finished projects" and find there my "page:pedrospe advanced aircraft".


Hi guys,
There is an article in this weeks "Flight" magazine on the same subject.
Hi McColm , i just saw the fa-xx today on "flight magazine" and you are right it looks great, thanks a lot.

best regards


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