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16 January 2008
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I just saw the Swiss P-16 footage over in Postwar Projects. Great footage. Can't say much for the music. Can anyone else agree with me that you need fast music for that?

It would seem that rock and planes would be a natural fit. Going back to when I saw Top Gun and Iron eagle (go ahead, roll your eyes) as a wee thing for the first time. Rock just goes good with scenes of high-performance aircraft. Maybe a sprinkling of techno once in a blue moon.

At sea, on the Truman, I had nothing better to do off duty than hit the gym, burn CD's, and read Wingman novels (go ahead, roll your eyes) from the Ship's Library. I wound up making some soundtracks to go with that. Mostly rock (lot of big name bands) with the occasional segue into techno. Great success!

I may just post my track listings later on
I think a lot of people agree with your opinion...

Including the guy who made this video...
(pretty good graphics for a video-game -- the author of the video really made good use of the camera and jerky movements to add realism)


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