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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

Chevaline MRV and Polaris

Poseidon and Trident with 14 MIRVs

ICBM-X with 20 MIRVs or more ?,4860.0/highlight,icbm-x.html
ANY DRAWINGS ? Pictures, etc ?

R-36MUTTH with 38 warheads
ANY DRAWINGS ? Pictures, etc ?

Are there any other such crazy projects ?

Pershing II with MARV

TOPOL-M with MARV,2832.0.html


N11GR with six FOBS warheads

Are there any other Missle Projects with more than 14 MRV ?
Are there any other Missle Projects with more than 14 MIRVS ?

Many greetings and THANKS in advance
There was a project to equip the Trident I D-4 with 8 MARVs, the RVs would have been the Mk.500 Evader. Don't know the yield though. I'll post the source as soon as I've located the book in question.

WASHINGTON THE United States is about to enter a new age of missile technology in which nuclear warheads will be designed to maneuver in flight, either to dodge enemy defenses or to home in on a target with unparalleled accuracy.

The first such maneuvering warheads are expected to be deployed on the Pershing 2 intermediate-range missiles, which are at the center of the current Soviet-American negotiations over medium-range missiles in Europe. The Reagan Administration is offering to forego plans to deploy 572 new Pershing 2 and cruise missiles in Western Europe if the Russians dismantle 540 missiles in Eastern Europe and Asia.

If the new American warheads work as well as the proponents expect, which is not yet certain, they will make the Pershing 2 the most accurate missile of its range ever produced. And other research projects are under way to develop advanced maneuvering warheads for possible use on a range of intercontinental and submarine-launched missiles.
These days there are lots of missiles with MARVs (though none in the US).
WS-120A/BGM-75 was a "smaller" version of ICBM-X with "10 to 20" warheads.
Maury Markowitz said:
WS-120A/BGM-75 was a "smaller" version of ICBM-X with "10 to 20" warheads.
My understanding was the WS-120A was to be a large solid rocket and weigh about 400,000 pounds, over twice as big as MX ended up.

Although with the STRAT-X study ICBMs up to 120" to 156" diameter and weighting much more so maybe a reference to one of these beasts.

I'd love for someone to write a book on large US ICBMs built and unbuilt.
Out of curiosity, how exactly do ICBMs carry something like 24 or 38 warheads?

Are they carrying two sets of 12 or 19 back-to-back or something?
The ICBM-X thread seems to have disappeared in some old server disaster, but I was able to find a single capture from December 2008 on the Wayback Machine:

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