Mirage 2000-5 project with M88 engine


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May 8, 2006
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on a French forum, I just found this link

Snecma/S Korea discuss M88 for KTX-II | News | Flight Global

In this article from 1995, there is this extract :

Snecma is also looking at developing the 110kN M884. This project is at the preliminary design stage, but is aimed at eventually replacing the M53K in the Mirage 2000.
Dufour says that Snecma has begun studies into the eventual re-engineing of the Mirage 2000-5, whose single M53 engine would be replaced by an M88. The company is already looking at up-rated versions of the M88 for projected higher-weight versions of the Rafale - the M88-3 with a thrust of 90kN, and the M88-4 with 110kN - and he sees these as being suitable for the Mirage 2000.
"I don't see why the [re-engined] Mirage 2000 should not be in production in ten years' time - the delta plan form still seems to be the best, and there's nothing very new in airframes," Dufour says.

I did not know this project. Does anyone have a representation (drawing, 3 views or other) of it ?

Thanks in advance.