MDC advanced transport from 90s


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1 April 2006
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Found this on the net - haven't seen yet...anyone can say something?


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You have asked my question! )))
Thing looks like a whale, maybe it doesn't need a vertical tail. :D
Does anyone have more pics of this model, with the engines and vertical stabilizer? The model is indeed missing the engines and vertical stabilizer.
Given the lack of windscreen detail, lack of obvious attach points for the vertical fin and the general look of being stored after use, I suggest that maybe this in not a model of a particular aircraft but a model of a wing/horizontal tail combination and that the fuselage is just a generic shape serving as a mount.
On the other hand, McDonnell Douglas were looking at cockpits without windows prior to the merger with Boeing, IIRC. It was ostensibly for aerodynamic and structural reasons (and there was some truth to that) but the major motivation was to cut down development & production costs on their new generation airliners (including supersonic designs). Airbus was looking again at the same concept a few years back.
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