McDonnell XF4H-1 Phantom II

Steve Pace

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6 January 2013
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Any high res pictures and drawings out there re McDonnell XF4H-1 Phantom II?
Take a look here:

I'll send you a bit more directly but most of my stuff is in Connecticut and I won't be back there until mid-January.
Here's an odd one...


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XB-70 Guy said:
Here's an odd one...

That's actually an F-4B or F-4C. Here's how you could tell which it was:

If you were on frequency and you heard the instructor in the back yelling at the 2nd Lt, "NO! First you pull back on the stick, then you raise the gear!", it's a USAF F-4C

If you were on frequency and you heard the pilot say to the RIO, "We don't need no stinkin' nose gun to get that guy; I mounted a bayonet!", it's a USMC F-4B

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