May be the early Kaiser-Hughes HK-1 concept


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26 May 2006
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The (very) general shape it's ok, only the proportions are completely out. By 1944 the design was frozen. This is an example of disinformation.
Tophe said:
Several twin-hull versions have also been considered, as far as I know.
Dear Ucon sent me a picture of the twin-hull 7-engined Hughes Model HK-1 (I do not post it here, maybe this is copyrighted, I let Ucon do it maybe). He required more about it. My scanner is in a jam, but here what is in my database:
- Aeroplane Spotter Volume IV Nr 93 page 218 : drawing of Concept Nr 2 Kaiser-Hughes HK-1 Liberty
- Howard Hughes and his Hercules pages 34-35 : drawings of Nr 2 and 3 (the 4-5-6-7 being single-hull, the last ones being renamed H-4 Swoose Goose
- project of 1942 (or 1943) with 6 or 7 engines depending on the versions, forefather of the final 8-engined H-4, 5000 copies considered then 3 ordered (single hull chosen), 2 cancelled
- mentioned also in Macchine Bizzare del aviazione, Source Book of WW2, Aeroplane Spotter Nr 98.
From Robert Hill on "The Greatest Planes That Never Were" page on Facebook.

While working at the Hughes Aircraft model shop, we did a lot of PR models for marketing.
One that was popular was our in house created Hughes HFB-1 flying boat.
We did the patterns and the material used was cast resin.We cast the engine nacelles and props from metal. The model was quite large, being in the standard airliner scale of 1 1/44. The wing span was around 22".
I decided to have some fun and do one up as it might have looked in late 1944-45 USN markings.
My boss was good friends with the head of Microscale decals and we had custom stuff made up for our models. With this one exception, all the HFB-1s were in silver finish and the decals were dark blue. Well, as luck would have it they did some up in silver and that's why I decided on this color scheme.
This one was damaged in transit when I sold it to a guy in Ohio, hence the crack.



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I wish the Internet was I could reach into the picture and take that beauty. ;D
The twin-hull in the other topic is a fake. The one in this topic is a real early Hughes project.

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