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Maverick's Aerospace artwork


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Aug 30, 2016
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I've been doing sketches and drawings on an on-again, off-again basis for over a decade now, and decided it was time to finally share some of my work.
I'll admit, my designs tend to be imitative, rather than innovative, but hey, that's perfectly fine by me.

First up, three shots of a concept for an ultra-high endurance craft for... something. Not sure what I had in mind for it originally.



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Jan 2, 2013
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If I can give you hints (that took me years to find myself before the internets):

1) Get a pencil with a thick hard lead lead: 2mm and 2H
This is used to lay out fast and is easily rubbed out.
2) Bet a 0.5 or 0.7mm pencil with the twist rubber. THE TWIST RUBBER IS IMPORTANT, it allows quick corrections of small areas.
This is to refine and finish your lines.

General remark on pencils:
Always get pencils with a clip, use it to reference it to your hand, the bigger the lead, the more important this is.

3) Get a few soft wood case traditional pencils (2B or 3B).
To fill in darker areas.
4) Tread softly.
You want darker, go over a few times. Darker still? Use a softer pencil.
5) Get good paper.
If you like have squares, photocopy a blank page of 0.5cm paper onto heavier copy paper (120gr).
Tune the copier to the lightest grey it can do with still visible lines.

6)Draw a lot. You just need to draw a lot. There is no secret.
I stopped for 10 years (3D Max and all that computer jazz) and it now takes me 5 hours to do what I could do in 1 hour - and it's worse!

Remark: Koh-i-noor is just one brand, and in my case, it's 50% cheaper in the local art shops than on Amazon.