Manned spacecraft (Russia 2018)


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Aug 15, 2009
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12:38 05/04/2018

Roscosmos has developed a manned spacecraft

Roscosmos enterprises introduced innovations at the exhibition "Archimedes-2018" in the "Sokolniki".

"ISS Reshetnev demonstrates design of the spacecraft , the bulk of which is always rotated end to the Sun , and includes all accommodation and service spaces. This design can be used to build space stations and implementation of manned flights to near planets , "- the press service of the Russian Space Agency.

The center of gravity of the main body of the apparatus is rotating unit on which the frame is intended for mounting engines and tanks with a working medium. Rotate the main unit on its axis and rotation of the frame around the main unit, while preserving the orientation of the sun systems, used engines for flight in any direction.

Salon "Archimedes" is supported by the Russian Presidential Administration, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Moscow city organization of VOIR, the IFIA, Russian Engineering Union, "the Association" League of Assistance to Defense Enterprises ", the Chamber of Commerce .

The main purpose of the organization and of the Salon "Archimedes" is the activation of the inventive, patent and licensing and innovation, development of the market of intellectual property.


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Jan 2, 2021
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The developer of the Buran spacecraft, NPO Molniya, is creating a new aerospace shuttle for civilian purposes, said Olga Sokolova, general director of NPO Molniya.

"Over the past year, we have made very serious progress in terms of developing a new aerospace complex for civilian purposes. Up to this point, there were some separate developments, but there was no clear task. Now the task has been set, and the development of a civil reusable complex with an orbital aircraft is in full swing, "RIA Novosti quoted Sokolova as saying.

According to her, the complex "in the next five years will fly into space."

She said that a full-size model of the ship was presented in a closed pavilion at the Army 2020 forum, where the general public could not see it.

Earlier, the newspaper VZGLYAD wrote that the idea of reusable space technology is experiencing a

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