MAKS photos from Hokum


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1 April 2006
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Man that I've met trying to make Su-35 starboard pics balancing together at the edge of aircraft stairs - very friendly person who provided me some place at the limited area of stair's top platform, put his MAKS photos, day-by-day, here - Day 1 - Day 1 add-on - Day 3

It's a perfect way to make virtual trip at the airshow. Great photos.

Thanks so much for the links. You are right those are some fantastic photos. Next best thing to being there. Someday I will be able to travel the world and go to all of the airshows.

Well I can dream anyway.

thanks again
In the Day2 pics, an IL-114 is shown with pods on the belly. Are those SAR pods?

Great pics.
This is St Petersburg's NPP 'Radar MMS' multi-role cooperative research platform testbed.


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3rd part of the MAKS 2007 photos, including the very first Su-35 cockpit pics.

Day 5th and 6th photos added to Hokum's
Thank you so much, Flateric. Those photos are wonderful !
Do you have more information about this contraption
which looks like a future candidate for our forum :D

Ekranoplans not dead!
[quote author=Orionblamblam]
There was a B-52 there???[/quote]

It made the headlines when a local businessman tried to bribe its pilot into selling it to him :D
It came at rainy MAKS 2003 for the first time - I saw both landing and departure. Awesome. In 2005, two Bones were here. May be ca. 2050 we will probably even see B-2 (if we will not be Chinese province to the date).

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