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27 December 2005
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Derivatives of the M45H being proposed by R-R and SNECMA include the 8 430 cv (8,315 shp) M57H rear-drive turboshaft for helicopters and convertiplanes; the 8 430 cv (8,315 shp) M57HA frontdrive turboshaft for V/STOL aircraft (including the four-engined VFW VC 500); the RB.411, R-R counterpart to the M57HA, which is proposed for the twin-engined Westland WG22 V/STOL project; the 7 000 cv (6,904 shp) THS 2000 non-aero turboshaft for rail traction, marine applications and electrical generation; and a high by-pass ratio M45 geared fan version rated at 14,500 lb (6 577 kgp). BPR for this last derivative is approximately 10:1. Weight would be 2,760 lb (1,252 kg).

Flying Review International, July 1970
Very, very interesting article... I'm searchnig a list of SNECMA M- series of turbojets. Here's some I know
- M-35 Licence build J-58 for the concorde. Project from 1963.
- M-45 (AFVG engine)
- M-49 Larzac engine (Alphajet)
- M-53 Mirage 2000 engine
- M-57 (thank you!)
- M-88 Rafale engine
As you can see, there's big holes in my list!!!
Ok, I resurrect this thread.

time to talk about the M.45 engine...

Aparently it's a member of a big family, including the Adour (of the Jaguar and Hawk) but also the RB-172 (found in various british proposals of the late 60's).

If I understand well, the basis was the Rolls Royce RB-172. The M45 was to be a licence-build (improved ?) variant by SNECMA for the AFVG.
And the Adour was a scaled-down variant for the Jaguar...

The M45 was drawn for the AFVG long range strike fighter (1965-1967).

Is it just me, or was there a civil variant of the M45 (M45H) for the VFW-614 airliner... how this engine ended on a civilian airliner 5 years after the AFVG cancellation ???!!!


We need a list of the various variants of this engine, the civil and military ones.
Concerning the AFVG engine, was a M45 tested on the bench ?

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