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21 December 2008
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I hope I posted this at the right spot, but if not just let me know.

I've been wanting to build a couple of model ships. The first is a LHD-plug-plus/ LHA(R)-2004 such as this one:


Source: LH(X) Amphibious Assault Ship @ GlobalSecurity.org

For this I need a good scale model of a Wasp class in 1/700th scale. I already have the LHD-model from Revell (USS Boxer), but I'm not particularly fond of the kit. If there are any more affordable LHD kits available, let me know. For the smaller Island structure I intend to use the island of the Japanese Osumi class LST model (which should be perfect):


Source: JMSDF DEFENCE SHIP LST-4001 OSUMI @ Borgfeldt.ca

The second model I'd like to build is a giant Ohio class submarine. How? Simple, start with the 1/350th kit from Dragon, and use a 1/700 sail from another kit. But here's the problem. I can't find a 1/700th scale Ohio class anywhere...

Inspiration came from this: http://www.fxmodels.com/ohio-192.shtml where they put a 1/350th sail on a 1/192nd scale submarine model.

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