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26 August 2008
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I am new to thsi forum and this forum is enriched in vast number of resouces that I can not found anywhere in other website. I am great fan of military aviation and I have flown simulation in my home computer for over 12 years and I have been seeking for more information that I have not seen before, such as 'what if' 1946 aircrafts projects from different nations.

However, I have been studying XP-58 Chain Lighting where I am very intersted in, and I am hoping that any of you would like to share the information, blueprint and anything you have on XP-58 Chain Lighting where I couldn't even find in other websites. One of other reason why I ask of these resouces is becuase, one day I want to develop XP-58 as one of 'what if' aircraft for specific simulator as 'add-on aircraft'.

I truly look foward to discuss more about XP-58 Chain Lighting with this community and see what each of you would like to share with us!

however, here is base information I have found on XP-58 Chain Lighitng:

XP-58 Chain Lighting





*color profile*


Chaoic out...
Most interesting, but not a "project" strictly speaking. except if you have development/alternate configurations drawings etc. Since you are new here, I'll not remove this thread but:
1) All members, remember that actual aircrafts have to be discussed in the Aerospace Today section of this forum, or in ""Useful Links" if you are posting external links.
2) All members, please, don't add other material to this thread regarding the actual XP-58. Only developmental/alternates/derivatives etc. things.

Thanx !
IIRC the original XP-58 concept was to utilize thr Wright Tornado(sic?) engines. There is a book available on this engine from AEHS (Aircraft engine Historical Society) and I believe it has some drawings of that engine in the XP-58.

Best regards,

Artie Bob
XP-58 info (post-1)


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XP-58 info (post-2)


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Justo, Isn't image 005 the Hughes D-2 with the distinctive vertical rear turret?
Justo's illustration no.5 is indeed from
Hughes patent Des.139,438 , Nov.14,1944.
Sheet-2. Filled Aug.16,1943.

I apologiy for posting completed plane information here, I wasn't fully aware of rule here. From now on, I will read the rule carefully and will keep in mind of what you said here. It wasn't my intention to break the rule, so dont worry.


And Justo Miranda,

These blueprint are unbelievable and breathtaking! I wish to find a word I could express my great thank to you, but I truly thank you very, very much for these blueprints and detailed information you have on XP-58 Chain Lighting! And if you dont mind me asking, where do you find these souces from? I have been seeking for good souces.

And once again, I thank you Justo Miranda!


Chaoic out...
Justo Miranda, I have recenlty sent you private message, just letting you know. And once again, thank you for your hard work you have been doing for this community by sharing so much with us!


and Skybolt, I will have several questions for you and will PM you soon.

Chaoic out...
Thanks to this new source, I have drawn a comparison of the 2 versions of XP-58 in slanting view:


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Here's a good image of the one of XP-58


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The only color pic I have of it:


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Ever since I found out about this plane, I always liked it. To bad the USAAF never knew what to do with it.

I detailed it in my book "Thunderbolt and Lightning", and it will be listed in my "Clipped Wings 2" book next fall.

A great color three-view of the Chain Lightning by French illustrator Vincent Bourguignon... Yummy!


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In an article for the now gone Wings&Airpower magazine about the
Lockheed P-58 Chain Lightning, Mr.Jared A.Zichek mentions a medium
bomber proposal of it.
This concept should have a deeper fuselage gondola
a three-man crew and an internal bombay.
Despite much searchwork I found no further info about...

Is there anyone who haves a bit more info or illustrations about ?
A long time ago, from your source Lark, I imagined a drawing of it for my fantasy Lightning site
I'd be glad to correct it if someone has a true picture of this project.


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Thanks Tophe,this is already a good start.
Let's hope that something more is coming up
to make the 'picture' complete...
Found some additional info...


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Thanks Justo,
As always with your contributions,excellent illustrations....
I did the restoration from Justo Miranda's scans, which I believe were done from an old issue of Wings/Airpower.

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