Lockheed L-357 lightweight fighter, 1958

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27 December 2005
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Mentioned in Flying Review July 1958 as a rival to the N-156F, but with greater speed.

Probably related to the F-104?
Why a two-seat trainer version in a fighterbomber competition ?
Maybe the L-357 and the CL-357 a two different concepts.

Brief Flying Review article mentioned that the performences ,except for the speed factor, were
almost the same.
You got a treasure of Lockheed designation.
You got a treasure of Lockheed designation.
Not really. Its a pretty crappy list and the author doesn't really understand the designation systems. There is a much better list in existence, but not published.
Of course my dear Paul,

but it completed some gaps in my list,and by the way there was anther two books from this series about Martin and
North American as I know.
The CL- prefix arrived in late 1953 / early 1954 with the CL-269. The reason seems to be that the new Lockheed Georgia plant was starting to do its own preliminary designs so the CL- prefix was introduced for Lockheed California (CALAC) and GL- for Lockheed Georgia (GALAC).
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