Lockheed Chronology Timeline, including (some) hints of yet-to-be-released programs


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May 13, 2008
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For a long time, I had been searching for a particular Powerpoint presentation a Lockheed Skunk Works employee had back in 2014.

I finally captured it (courtesy some efforts of people on a Reddit blog thread). I am glad to post the link here:

The whole presentation is interesting, and the chronological timeline is about five or six pages long (didn't do an exact count).

Now, keep in mind that even though there are hints of still-classified programs (the depictions of skunks here and there among the chronology) lurking in this Powerpoint, this public presentation could only allow for those programs that the management felt could be depicted/exposed. Keep in mind that this is not a complete Lockheed Skunk Works chronology. Between 1960 and 1995-ish, there are plenty of projects/programs that are not yet public, and do not show up on this timeline in this December 2014 presentation.

But still, one can see:

a)--1940-1960, no hints of still-remaining black projects (this may or may not be accurate);
b)--1960-1980, no hints of still-remaining black projects (Oh, but yes there are from this segment);
c)--1980--2000, three hints of black projects (1985, 1991, 1994--there were other projects beyond these three that are unlisted);
d)--2000-2014, two hints of black projects (2004, 2007);
e)--2014-2032, seven hints of black projects (slated for becoming operational allegedly in 2016; 2019; 2024; 2026; and in 2032, two black projects).

Lockheed had its hand in projects for stuff that flew in the normal tropospheric range, some stuff that flew extremely high, some stuff that operated above most the atmosphere in orbit, stuff that could operate on the surface or in the shallow depths of seas and oceans, as well as other stuff that could dive deep into the oceans (including to the bottom if necessary), and still other stuff that dealt with tunneling deep underground. That should give some idea of what is left out of these timelines. And yes, Skunk Works had a hand in all of these.

Lockheed has been doing all kinds of technologically interesting things.

I have here a brochure issued in May 1991 ("This Is.... LADC"), and features then LADC (Lockheed Advanced Development Company, as it was called then--the name has been altered currently) President Sherm Mullen. He writes about some of the public achievements of the Skunk Works, and then... "our organization has produced such outstanding aircraft as.... and many other high technology aerospace vehicles."

Couldn't be said better, under the current classification protocols: "Many."

I will add this short anecdote: A person that should know told me, "People are thrown by the 'Skunk' moniker. Don't think 'Skunks.' Think 'Penguins.' As in, fatter penguins."

For what it's worth. (In my opinion, this is an allusion to zoomorphism in aerospace advances.)
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Jun 6, 2006
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Lockheed also ruled spy satellites. They sneaked inside the NRO black world through the Agena (250 flown from 1959 to 1984) and then
- they kicked General Electric out of Gambit (G.E KH-7 > KH-8)
- they also got KH-9 HEXAGON and KH-11 / KH-12 birds (20+ each, 1971-86 and 1976-present)
...only KH-10 DORIAN went to Douglas but was canned.


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Aug 2, 2006
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On Page 11, it shows a test vehicle weight and cost graph. There are Pgm A and Pgm B on that graph. Does anyone know if that means program or precision guided munition? I assume the former, since only the P is capitalized.

As for the skunk on the 2019 graph, I'm thinking that's one of the new technology fighter demos that DARPA was sponsoring, or a classified Missile (A2A or hypersonic).

Also, given the time frame this was written, I wonder if one of those late 20's Skunks represents the low boom Biz jet/Airliner they've now announced they're working on, to follow on from the X-59, as that wasn't announced at the time that presentation was put together?