Lippisch Delta VI

Why... yeah, sure. But you can hardly compare things like that... Conceiving an aircraft that can fly represents a little more work and research than a single painting or illustration does!
Interesting drawing. First time I saw it was in Justo's 2014 Ultimate Flying Wings of the Luftwaffe - but this is a 2009 scan of something printed. Was it originally printed in the Reichdreams Dossiers series?
It's a DFS proposal for fitting a coal-powered ramjet within the airframe of Lippisch's Delta VI... so maybe not a Lippisch drawing (he was busy at the LFW in Vienna). It does have the characteristic cooling channels either side of the ramjet 'box' though, just like the P.12/13.
In spring 1944, Lippisch was still planning to power the P.12 with liquid fuel. Within a short time, however, he began to consider coal as a better alternative - resulting in the P.13. Maybe this was the proposal that made him change his mind?
Justo Miranda said:
source here

Thanks again Justo! I wonder what happened to all of Manfred's original material? He must have amassed quite a collection.

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