Lavi group on Facebook trying to compile as much info on this plane as possible!

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Dec 27, 2005
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A lot of posts are in Hebrew but English is acceptable and you can read other posts in translation. Lots of nice photos, plenty I haven't seen before.


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Jul 31, 2015
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Thank you Paul for the post.
I'm posting the group's guidlines for all interested.
The group's purpose is to centrelize any relevent info about the IAI Lavi Project and to encourage quality dialog and open discussion about the origins,concepts,purpose,acheivements and both the short and long term consequences of the cancellation.
If one might know personnal with links or first hand knowledge on the project - please add them to the group!

The group already progressed extremely well and many more things are planed for the future.
Any contribution will be highly appreciated.


Group's guidelines:

Hello Sir.

Welcome to the only group that deals with the Lavi aircraft ... several rules for the benefit and enjoyment of the group:

1. Stay on target …. And in focus – the group is ONLY about the Lavi.
2. Share your knowledge, materials and pictures. If you are uploading YOUR OWN WORK please mention it.
3. Please SEARCH the group. Do not upload materials that already are within the group. Double posts will be deleted.
4. Please keep the group in order – post additional materials on existing posts, wherever possible.

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Jul 19, 2016
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Problem I have here is FaceFaq, they claim there is no need to join to view pages but when I try this, I get a popup stating I MUST jo9in to view more than the front page. Social, or anti social media at its worst. It is like having to join a forum to get microsoft support.

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