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May 26, 2006
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the Kjeller Aircraft Factory was formed in 1915,but it was active from 1912,it
was a was a Norwegian manufacturer,the chief instructor was Captain Einar Sem-Jacobsen,
he visited France,and saw Farman aircraft,then draw its first airplane from the memory,
and its list is here;

FF.1 was a biplane military/recce aircraft,based on Farman design
FF.2 was a development of FF.1
FF.3 was a biplane on floats,a seaplane,also based on Farman design
FF.4 was an improved version of earlier series
FF.5 was a recce biplane in two variants,T.1 was based on R.A.F BE.2e,and
the second was T.1B,which based on Avro-504
FF.6 was a two-seat fighter/recce biplane,powered by one engine
FF.7 Hauk was a two-seat ground attack biplane,a license built Hannover CL.V
FF.8 Make was a seaplane,a license built Hansa-Brandenburg W.33
FF.9 Kaje was a two-seat trainer biplane,appeared in three version; I,II & III

PK X-1 was a two-seat lightweight helicopter
PK X-2 was a four-seat light helicopter



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Jul 25, 2007
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Good list Hesham.

This state-owned factory was established in 1914 at Kjeller airfield at Lillestrøm north of Kristiania (Oslo). The original name was Lillestrømmen Aeroplanværksted (Lillestrøm Airplane Workshop), in 1915 it become the Hærens Flyvemaskinfabrik (Army Flying Machine Factory) which had relocated from Sagene in Kristiania. The name Kjeller Flyfabrikk didn't appear until Aug 1927.

The F.F.1 Langhorn was Einar Sem-Jacobsen's 1913 Maurice Farman MF.7 Longhorn copy drawn from memory after a Farman factory visit. The F.F.2 was a 1916 Maurice Farman MF.11 copy based on the F.F.1 airframe. The machine gun-armed F.F.3 Hydro of 1918 was, as you said, a float-fitted Farman biplane development (although it is preserved on wheels).

I believe that the F.F. designation is for Hærens Flyvemaskinfabrik. My partially-completed Kjeller/Hærens Flyvemaskinfabrik list is attached below:

Hærens Flyvemaskinfabrikk Aircraft

F.F.1 - Longhorn (or Langhorn), 1913 Maurice Farman MF.7 Longhorn copy
- F.F.1: 1st Norw.-built a/c, trial run 22 May 1913, Hærens fly nr.3
-- http://dms10.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFjiu?dimension=1200x1200

F.F.2 - Shorthorn, 1916 Maurice Farman MF.11 copy
-- aka Kjeller Flyfabrikk F.F.2 'ombygd' or 'Norskbygt' F.40
-- http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/attachments/aircraft/17372d1273785865-breguets-aircraft-id-challenge-749-chall749.jpg

F.F.3 - Hydro, 1917-18 Farman type biplane mg-armed
- F.F.3: Operated on twin floats and wheeled u/c

F.F.4 - Svane (Swan), 1920 Farman devel. aka M.F.19, x 2
-- F.F.4: 5 x FF.4 planned, prototype proved a failure
-- http://archive.is/kgGIi#selection-265.3-269.39

F.F.5 - 1918 2-seat biplane (based on RAF BE.2e), unsuccessful, x 1
-- F.F.5/T.1 intended to replace F.F.1 and F.F.2 trainers
-- NB: T.1B and T.1C were unrelated Avro 504-based designs
-- http://dms06.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFjoD?dimension=1200x1200

F.F.6 - 1921 single-seat biplane fighter/recce*, x 1
- F.F.6: 1 x 150 hp Hispano-Suiza 8, span 11.75 m
-- * Designed by Ing. Hellesen as single-seat fighter
-- Sole prototype completed as 2-seat recce fighter
-- Poor performance, abandoned after one test flight
-- http://dms03.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsG5H9?dimension=1200x1200
-- http://www.aviastar.org/air/norway/kjeller_ff-6.php

F.F.7 - Hauk, 1922 2-seat fighter, licensed Hannover CL.V, x 14
-- http://flyingmachines.ru/Images7/Fighters/276-4.jpg
-- http://dms09.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFjsm?dimension=1200x1200
-- http://dms02.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFkL9?dimension=1200x1200
-- http://www.flyfabrikken.no/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/hauk.jpg

F.F.8 - Måke (Seagull), license-built Hansa-Brandenburg W.33

F.F.9 - Kaje, 1921 2-seat biplane trainer, span 9.50 m, x 19
- F.F.9: 1 x 120 hp Marabini 6-cyl inline (Mercedes D.II copy)
-- Kaje I : x 10, 1921-22
-- Kaje II: x 4, 1925
-- http://dms09.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFkL8?dimension=1200x1200
-- Kaje III: x 5, 1926
-- Drw: https://lokalhistoriewiki.no/images/thumb/Skoleflyet_Kaje.jpg/800px-Skoleflyet_Kaje.jpg
-- Radial http://dms01.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFjoF?dimension=1200x1200
-- Inline http://dms09.dimu.org/image/012uNXVsFjiw?dimension=1200x1200
-- http://www.flyfabrikken.no/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/kaje.jpg
-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kjeller_F.F.9_Kaje

Post-War 'PK' Designations (after designer Lt-Col Paul Kjølseth)

PK X-1 - 1955 2-seat experimental helicopter, 1 x prototype
- PK X-1: 1 x 180 hp Franklin 60440-C4,* rotor dia. 9.26 m
-- * Some sources say powerplant was 1 x 200 hp Ranger
-- https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kjeller_PK_X-1
-- http://1000aircraftphotos.com/Contributions/VanTilborg/7585L.jpg

PK X-2 - 1960* 4-seat experimental helicopter, 1 x prototype
- PK X-2: 1 x 800 shp GE YT-58, rotor diameter 13.00 m
-- * Some sources say 1962, some H-19 parts, crashed Feb 1965
-- http://1000aircraftphotos.com/Contributions/VanTilborg/7586L.jpg


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