Kamov agricultural autogyro project


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26 May 2006
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it was designed as in the early of 1970s,the Ministry odcivil
aviation issued an outline specification for the design - on a
competitive basis - of a special aircraft capableof carrying
1500..1800kg of chemicals and reducing work cost by 20...25%
as compared to the Antonov An-2.
It waspoweredby one TVD-10 turboshaft,and main rotor was
20m and fuselage length 9.6m.


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Although the USSR was a world leader by then as far as the scale of agricultural flying is concerned, its agricultural aircraft inventory (the An-2 aeroplane and helicopters) did not have the potential to increase the total serviced area and reduce the cost of work. Hence in the early '70s, the Ministry of Civil Aviation issued an outline specification for the design — on a competitive basis — of a special aircraft capable of carrying 1,500... 1,800 kg (3,306... 2,968 lb) of chemicals and reducing work costs by 20...25% as compared to the An-2.

A group of enthusiasts from the OKB staff suggested that N.I. Kamov take part in the competition with an autogyro of the « flying chassis » type similar to the Ka-26 helicopter. The submitted project of an agricultural autogyro powered by a single turboprop engine with a pusher propeller met the specification. The new generation autogyro was superior to a new STOL aeroplane in manoeuverability and flight safety at low speeds and in low-level flight. It posed considerably more modest demands to runways. It had no equals among the contenders as far as cost-effectiveness and flight safety were concerned. Alas, the unusual project never got off the drawing board.

Source: OKB N.I. Kamov


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