KAI-13 by Kazan Aviation Institute


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12 July 2006
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Bill Gunston says it was tested in 1958, so I put this topic into the Aerospace section: KAI-13, a flying platform developed at Kazan Aviation Institute. Unfortunately, Gunston doesn't present any detail or illustration. So I'm curious how does it look. Has anybody pictures or a general arrangement of this VTOL vehicle in his collection?

Has the KAI published a book comparable to the Makarov's "Letatyelnyye Apparaty MAI"? Flateric?
Bill Gunston, seems to me, was accurate reader of Tekhnika-Molodyozhi (Technology For Youth) magazine (here enthusiasts have gathered a partial TM archives in .djvu files http://tm-arhiv.narod.ru), soviet analog of PopSci/PopMech mated.
I've found just one reference to Tekhnika-Molodyozhi No.3/1958, talking about KAI-13 (to my sorrow I have no original magazine (but soon editorial staff promises full TM archives aviable at their own site)

"Yu. Kazantcev and V.Kuklev being a students designed one-of-a-kind vehicle - 'Flying Ring', KAI-13, with low energy consumption, having 2-3 meter diameter, carrying pylon with pilot'

Pretty sure it was not far from Hiller VZ-1...
Has the KAI published a book comparable to the Makarov's "Letatyelnyye Apparaty MAI" ?

Is Makarov's book on MAI aircraft still procurable?
Highly doubt that...it was published around 15 years ago...
I think this is the piece in Tekhnika-Molodyozhi (Technology For Youth) magazine that Flateric mentioned way back in 2008, the image is not to good but I have put the full text concerning the KAI-13 underneath in the hope that someone can translate it fully.


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