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23 February 2009
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Hi everybody!

I read a article about the Ju52 with only one engine!


Maybe someone knows more about this Ju52-variant?
I don't have my references to hand, but I believe this is the original--the 3m was the variant. The Ju52 was powered by a liquid-cooled Junkers L-5 engine in the 300-500 hp range. While the Ju52 was quite successful as a bush plane in Canada and Australia, the L-5 did not provide much power for an aircraft of that size. Three 700+ hp Pratt and Whitney Hornet radials (license-built by Bramo) greatly improved the airplane, particularly for airline and military use.
According to Turner & Nowarra, five "Ju-52/1m"s were built:

- Ju-52ba c/n 4001 D-1974 (first flight 13 Oct 1930), 800 hp Junkers L88
-- became Ju-52be with 755 hp BMW VIIau
- Ju-52d ? c/n 4002, 800 hp Junkers L88
-- possibly re-engined as Ju-52do, 750 hp Junkers Jumo 204 diesel
- Ju-52di ? c/n 4003 D-2133, 750 hp A-S Leopard radial
- Ju-52ce c/n 4004 D-2317/SE-ADM, 755 hp BMW VIIau
- Ju-52cai c/n 4005 D-2356, 750 hp BMW IXu
- Ju-52cao c/n 4006 CF-ARM, BMW VIIa then 825 hp RR Buzzard

Airframes differed slightly from the later Ju-52/3m. The Ju-52's vertical tail was smaller and horn-balanced and the Ju-52di was flown for a time with a shortened rear fuselage.


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Forgot to mention, the Australian aircraft. Perhaps you were thinkng of the Junkers W 33? The G 31 was also flown Down Under but, of course, that was a trimotor.

Some detail images of the original CF-ARM http://www.wcam.mb.ca/junkers-archive.html
Thank you! That's really interesting!

Maybe somebody know a model kit of this Ju52/1m?
Photo and 3v. from book Gunter Schmitt's "Hugo Junkers und seine Flugzeuge" VEB Verlag 1986


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...some pics...

(Source: Jet&Prop 1997-04)



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It's not a Ju-52/1m, but in lieu of starting another thread, I figured it could go here (perhaps the mods can change this to be a more generic Ju-52 thread?).

This appears to be a inline engined Ju-52/3m. Any ideas/information?




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It is a Ju 52/3mho, powered by three Jumo 205 C 600hp opposed-piston diesel engines.
Two were built and used by Lufthansa as D-AIYR and D-AQAR.

I found there some more information about the Ju 52/1m.


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SaturnCanuck said:
frank said:
I've known about the /1m & of course the /3m, but was there ever a /2m?

Although it is correct to say there wasn't a twin-engine Ju 52, I must add though that one was studied under the EF 49 program in 1933.

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