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4 July 2013
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Just from a mission planning perspective. The current Anti Ship weapon planned for B-1 has a range that could be 2 to 3 times of this weapon (which iirc is 100-150nm class). This means the B-1s would need to get closer to a potential target, and also mean that you will need more aircraft to support the mission. While high performance supersonic or even Hypersonic anti-ship missiles will greatly enhance the USAF's B-1s in this role they really need something of that performance in the 500 nautical mile class. These missiles will be great if 2-4 can be carried by the Navy Super Hornets however - would offer a significant survivability bump over the block II Harpoons.

Old JDA website on AAM-3. Unfortunately most of the images are dead. Supposedly AAM-3 was something between the all aspect generation of missiles like AIM-9l and the high off boresight missiles like the AIM-9x. Independently articulated dogtooth canards, duel color seeker, and apparently claimed three times AIM-9L off boresight capabilities.

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