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2 December 2007
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This is a very unusual case of a Swedish canard fighter without tailfin.
24 cylinder engine, 2x2 blades contraprop and single cannon.
It looks like a de Schelde S.21 without tailbooms.
Designer: Sixten Sason
Source:Der Deutsche Sportflieger , Juli 1941
Does anybody have any additional information?


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Justo, this is designer- SIXTEN SASON – Swedish industrial design genious


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Justo Miranda said:
... and single cannon.

In the cut-away one flexible gun and two machine guns are shown and mentioned. ;)

never seen this beast before,thank you my dear Justo.
Dear Justo!

Thanks for sharing! Could you be more specific - what's the information source, that Saxon, later famous SAAB' car designer is the author of the aircraft picture?
Despite, that this concept (in my humble opinion) is a "flight of fantasy", not possible in real life - lack of vertical empennage, unrealistic size of engine and whole aircraft - I really appreciate it.
My guess, that "47" means possible year of appearance of such advanced fighters.

By the way, SAAB J-21 has some common features with this drawing: pusher engine, twin-boom, undercarriage with nose wheel.

Vladimir, thanks for mentioning the Saxon - I found interesting details about this person
Hi Justo, Long time not seen

on German Text
so that about the "Sasons J 47"
They called it "Jagtente" or "ententyp" and mean Canard configuration way back in 1941.
as source they mention a Swedish magazine, the author not beliefe this will replace the traditional Fighter, but concept is worthy to discuss.

next to canard wing in the bows, have the main wings "Airbrakes" to replace the rudders.
in the bows is air intake for cooler and one 24 cylinder engine over gearbox drives the contraprop
That air intake split up in two shafts running alongside the cockpit to engine
also in the bows air intake is mounted a flexible small Cannon (the text differs between Guns as Machine guns and Cannon)
interesting is that Cannon and Machine guns end in Cockpit were pilot can handle them in case they jam or need replace ammo.
the author praise the the engine configuration as elegant way to protect the Pilot from enemy fire from behind.

for my part it nice and elegant Swedish design for a fast interceptor, but unpractical in dog fight do missing rudders...
There were some details, that prevents me to threat this very interesting and well-minded concept as useful for construction.
1) very small wings and forward horizontal stabilizer - even with canard layout they, IMHO, too small and without proper flaps couldn't provide good take-off and landing. Note, that size of wings and empennage and it's area didn't depicted on drawings?
2) 24-cylinder engine - very provisional in terms of size, weight, power - and necessary size of cooling system
3) undercarriage layout - looks that angle between main wheel and propeller down point is too small, as a ground clearance
4) pilot accommodation is too tight and required some serious safety measures (propellers' drop-off or ejection seat) to bail-out
5) very small size of fuel tanks

However, this design looks to me very advanced, as a provision for future jets: tricycle gear, canard-layout, power plant behind the pilot (providing both good forward view and some 'armor"), sideway channels for airstream.

Some of these features resemble me Heinkel He-178, Gloster E.28/39 - and SAAB twin-boom fighters!
I'm curios, if there any detailed story of J-21 development? And was Sason somehow connected with it?
drawing by Sixten Sason ...

TsrJoe - thank you for the link!

This is 3-page article, covering the project of 42-cylinder engine, developed by Folke Mannerstedt, famous designer of bike engines of Husqvarna company.
Could this engine be build and successfully put into production? My guess - no.

But Sweden demonstrate their ability to good build aircraft and do it today :cool:
Justo, here is what i faund...Of corse it's not Saab J 47- its better! Its Saab-51! Looks like a Alexander Lippish design it...


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Justo Miranda said:
This was already posted at


Oops..i did not see that topic..Sorry

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