Izmailov and his aircrafts by Konstantin Udalov


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Nov 18, 2012
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Удалов К. Г.: Измайлов и его самолеты. Москва.: Авико Пресс, 2018 г., 216 с.

In quick succession Konstantin Udalov publishes his great series about russian/soviet designers and their planes. This time his latest book is about the aircraft designer I.R. Izmailov. Included are: A short biography of R.A. Izmailov (with some documents), a brief history of the Aviation Institute in Kharkov, then Izmailovs work and contribution to the OKB Antonov, especially to the planes and projects An-8, An-10, An-12, An-22 and An-24. Then there are several chapters about the glider designs done by him. We can see the gliders A-11 and A-13, these two were also tested with mini-jet engines, which seems to have work well. The record-glider A-15 is also desribed in detail followed by Izmailov Work in "Progress" plant. Here he was making some projects, e.g. I-701 and I-705. These two are shown in detail and are very interesting. Next is Izmailov´s contribution to the An-14, a well known multipurpose plane. Udalov also gives insights in the sector of Agriculture flight and puts it in contrast to other contemporary agricultural aircrafts. Only an agriculture plane project was the I-711. Many different versions of it were considered. Izmailov spent some time working with the polish (in Poland). There he designed the "Ljalja-1". It was some kind of specialized An-2 derivate for agricultural needs. Several were build and used with success. Then there is a bigger part of the highly innovative (PZL) M-15 "Belfegor", a jet-powered agriculutral biplane (see cover). It had its turbine atop the cockpit/fuselage and its fertilizer containers between the upper and the under wing. Several were build and used succesfully in Poland and the USSR. Udalov includes some examples from the international press, reflecting the planes, their succes and their designer. This new feature is more interestingly as it may seem, because its good to see the different reactions of the countries from the so called Eastern Bloc. They were not monolithic. And for me, I never thought that agricultural flight could be that interesting and technically challenging. Many more versions of the M-15 were designed and planned but never realised; even an amphibium and a version with skids. The book precludes with Izmailov In the Family Circle. It´s an absolutely fantastic book. I just want to have more artwork.
Enjoy reading and fly safe :)


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Dec 16, 2007
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Does it have specs on the jet engine used in the A13 (e.g. fuel efficiency)?


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May 26, 2006
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Looks great,amazing my dear Ucon.


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May 10, 2010
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"Izmailov and his aircraft" by Konstantin Udalov/
Next book by Konstantin Udalov introduces Izmailov, designer of the USSR period, not known to a wide audience, Riamir Adamovich, who worked for a number of years in O. K. Antonov DB.
The creative path was inextricably linked with such well-known aircraft as the An-8, An-10, An-12, An-14, An-22, and An-24.
He was engaged in the glider theme A-11, A-13, A-15.
With his direct guidance, gliders with AN-13M and An-11 with jet engines were designed and built.
For someone it will be a surprise, but the first serial specialized agricultural aircraft M-15 produced in Poland was the brainchild of Izmailov. There are various approximate versions of the project.
Well, also completely unknown projects I-701 and I-705 from sports to special applications
As always, a unique archival material is in the book.
I highly recommend purchasing this book and removing another white spot in the history of Russian aviation.


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