Israeli helo gunship Gazelle


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19 May 2006
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I've been tinkering with my Israeli Mirage IV fighter & while doing so, happened to glance at my still unfinished Vought/Aerospatiale very early LHX entry, (Monogram's Blue Thunder with weapons winglets & rocket pods, painted OD, with a 1/48 Apache rotor) & thought, why not have the Israelis take a few French supplied Gazelles & make a gunship, a la' Blue Thunder? Sounds more plausible than my LHX variant...........
Also, you could imagine some sort of falling out between the US and Israel. Then the IDF doesn't get the AH-1 Cobra or the Apache. They'd need to develop something in-house, and IAI are known for remanufacturing foreign aircraft to local specs.
Well there had been Isreali Gazelle... captured Syrian in 1982 ;D

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