Interesting space/aviation places near London or Rugby


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2 March 2008
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Leaving Saturday to London/Rugby UK for a couple weeks any interesting places within a day driveto experience some British aviation history?
there is the only British Space stuff ;D

National Museum of Flight at East Fortune, scottland

National Space Centre in Leicester

the Science Museum in London.

Britisch Interplantary Society
There Library is in London
Hmmm - been to the UK before? Its not that big, its *all* a days drive from Rugby :)

Midland Air Museum‎, Coventry
RAF Museum, Cosford
Imperial War Museum, Duxford (expensive...)
RAF Museum, Hendon
Brooklands Museum
RAF Museum Cosford isn't that far from Rugby, it's free, and possibly has one of the best collections in the country. It just tends to be a bit busy at weekends.

Otherwise, Midlands Air Museum near Coventry airport is even closer to Rugby. It seems to have a reasonable collection but I haven't been there. Mostly outside exhibits.

I can't really recommend the Science Museum in London unless you _really_ want to see one or two of the few interesting things there. Much better looking at dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum next door. The Imperial War Museum in London has a bigger and more interesting collection (I wouldn't recommend IWM-Manchester unless it's _dramatically_ improved in the last few years)

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