Hughes Feeder Liner Project


who can make a drawing to this aircraft ?.
Greetings All -

Here's a better copy of the artwork courtesy of the Gerald Balzer Collection.

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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a clearer drawing,many thanks to you my dear Mark,

but what was its Model designation or Hughes Model-?.
Apparently it was just called the Feederliner. It was designed by Hughes Aircraft's chief engineer, Rea E. Hopper.

Howard's Whirlybirds: Howard Hughes' Amazing Pioneering Helicopter Exploits, Donald J. Porter
"To cope with the demand for feeder airliners, of which they believe 350 will be required immediately upon the conclusion of war, Hughes Aircraft Co, (U.S.) have completed the development of a new type.

The aircraft, which will carry both passengers and freight, is a high-wing twin-engined monoplane designed to a gross weight of 18,500 lb., including 18 passengers and 350 lb. freight. Altogether useful load is 6,000 lb.

The feeder liner has an overall length of 65ft. 9 1/2in., height lift 11ft 1in., wing span 86 sq. ft. 9in., wing loading 22 lb./sq. ft., and a fuselage width of 10ft.

Powered by two engines of 825 h.p. each, it has a maximum speed at 10,000ft. of 237 m.p.h. and a cruising speed at 5,000ft. and at 60 per cent, power output of 186 m.p.h. Climb at sea level is 1,290ft./min., service ceiling is 28,500ft., and stalling speed 57.5 m.p.h.

Special features include the installation of mail and freight pick-up equipment in the forward or aft cargo compartments, provision for sorting mail in flight, and possibly hydraulically operated freight and passenger doors controlled from pilots' cabin but also separately released."

- Flight May 17, 45
A noble concept. Between 1945 and 1965, dozens of manufacturers proposed feeder-liners, etc. but they could not compete pricewise with military-surplus C-45, C-46 and C-47 transports.
It was not until the C-47 Dakota fleet wore out - during the 1960s - that any succeeded in launching replacement airplanes.

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