HSL-1/ASW Helicopter Competition


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2 February 2006
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Bell HSL-1 Competitors: know, that in competition participated 10 firms:

1) Bell Model B-61
2) Curtiss-Wright Model ?
3) Gyrodyne Model ?
4) Hiller Model H-?
5) Hughes Model ?
6) Kaman Model K-?
7) Kellett Model KH-?
8) McDonnell Model M-?
9) Piasecki Model PV-?
10) Sikorsky Model ?

Help to find and other projects...
Hi nugo,

May be for Gyrodyne,it was GCA-9.
Hi hesham!

Please, if it is possible show Gyrodyne GCA-9.
Sorry nugo,

I have not,but may be someone has.
From my dear Stargazer2006,

the McDonnell proposals were M-73A to M-73D.
Also from my dear Stargazer2006;

the Piasecki HS class for this competition as I think
PD-22F and PH-32.

know according to Spangenberg site from RyanCrierie, we can say;
the contenders were;

1) Bell Model B-61
2) Curtiss-Wright Model P.592
3) Gyrodyne Model GCA.9
4) Hiller Model 4302
5) Hughes Model-212
6) Kaman Model K-?
7) Kellett Model KH-9
8) McDonnell Model M-73
9) Piasecki Model PD-22D,PD-22F,PH-26,PH-26A,PH-32 and may be the PH-47
10) Sikorsky Model DS-?
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From Piasecki Helicopter Report 47-A-01 PH-47 Performance Data Report Anti-Submarine Helicopter dated 10 August 1951
Type: ASW Helicopter
Total Rotor Disc Area: 5468 feet squared
Number of Blades: 6 (3 per rotor)
Blade Chord: 22.25"
Rotor Diameter: 59'
Normal Gross Weight: 18046 lbs.
Empty Weight: 13666 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 500 gallons
Power Plant: 2 Wright R-1820-C9H15 engines
Transmission Ratio: 14:1


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