HP.113 Boundary-Flow Test Aircraft


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6 September 2006
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I am seeking pictures or data of the HP.113. I know it was to use a Canberra forward fuselage and have two rear mounted engines and a swept wing.

I have seen a drawing of the airliner proposal by Handley Page in Richard Payne's 'Stuck on the Drawing Board'. This 12-seater would fly across the Atlantic and was powered by two Orpheus B.Or 12 in the rear fuselage and retaining the Canberra forward fuselage. Span was 71.2ft, length 71 ft and wing area 175 sq ft. It seems there was much interest in the design to modify it for passengers but it seems somewhat rudimentary for a serious airliner proposal.

If there was so much interest why was the HP.113 research aircraft cancelled?
How similar was the HP.113 to the airliner in design?
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Of course...I knew it was Handley Page! Thats what you get for posting too early in the morning when the brain isn't functioning properly. ;D

Thanks for the sources, I'd love to see a pic of that model when it's finshed.
I've found this on my HD ...


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Good article by @CJGibson in Feb 2023 issue of Aeroplane:


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