How should we deal with adverts on the forum?

How should we deal with adverts on the forum?

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overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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A poll to deal with the recent "issue" about posting of "adverts" for commercial products.
A point can be raised regarding whether the commerical item in question is something new to the marketplace or not. Another point can be raised as to *how* the item is advertised:

Option A:
"I have a new thing. Go to my website."

Option B:
"I have a new thing dealing with the Lockheed/Boeing Hypersonic Transatmospheric VTOL Stealthy Submersible Nuclear Powered Bomber freom 1962. Here's some pictures, and go to my website."

In Option A, nothing would be presented that would, on its own, be of interest or value to the forum. Just uninformitive words and a mystery link. In Option B, more info and pictures would be directly posted on the forum than is often the case with *most* posts to the forum, likely including most topic-starting posts (which are often "Anybody know anything about X?").

So something I'd suggest is that ads should be permitted in the relevant topiuc forum provided that the ad-post provides actual information on the topic... and that the ad be truly relevant, and not swamping the forum. Say, a limit of one "ad" per day/week/month/whatever.

Take my ideas for what they're worth given who they're coming from. Oh, and by the way, swing by my website and buy my stuff... :p
My feeling is -

If you are posting something general like "eAPR Volume x is now available", or "New scanned documents on the Saturn 5 available", then it belongs in the "Bookshelf & Marketplace" section.

This doesn't preclude posting something within a topic along the lines of

"Here's a pic of a NASA TFX study. More details can be found in eAPR xxx"

Or even

"Detailed drawings of the Saturn V can be purchased from my website"

as you are still presenting information about where someone can find more information on this topic.

I agree its sensible not to flood the forum in a single day however.
Well, I've got to write my book before I can sell it :)

Seriously, lots of research still to do. I'll try not to take as long as TSRJoe though...
A competing web site (abovetopsecret) charges members to see certain forums and restricts all others until they pay.

Whether or not money is a future issue with this site is something overscan and/or the Owner of the site will need to determine.

I REALLY dislike popups and popunders!
Never going to get advertising like that here, I can promise.

At the moment costs are under control for another year.

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