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13 February 2006
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For those interested, I finaly moved my web to the new server:


Some of the files are still missing, but I am completing them continuously. The structure of the previous web was preserved where possible, so if you have some favourite link, just replace „szm.sk“ with „genezis.eu“. It should work generally, but not with the every file. The main changes contains better design and display of the pages (but I still work on VML picture problem in Firefox browser), actualized descriptions of the projects that are running now and a lot of new and/or better pictures. At the main page you can find new section „Projects“ where I will present my various activities. And the most important change for English speaking guests – some parts of the web will contain resume in English!

Comments or suggestions are welcome.
I just want to note, that the biggest redesign of my web ever is coming and will take place on 15. June 09. Except the new features like the interactive flash gallery, newsletter or contact form, my recent activities will be presented like the aviation drawings or photography.

But what is the most important for you - for the first time the whole aviation section will be translated into English! So it will be finally the time, since when you will be able not only to see, but also to read my web. So check it out, only a few days left!


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Great news. Your "old" web site is largely responsible for getting me interested in unknown projects.
Well Gary, you got interested in unknown projects thanks to my web and then you helped me a lot with the materials and thus creating the content of it. Causality and the consequence :)
will the illustrations be downloadable ? ı have to go to cafes and would like to take pictures to home ; the old version didn't have much leeway for that , causing someheart break on my part .
Yes, but this will take some time. Now my attention is focused to rebuild the general part of the web. Once it will be finished (on 15. June I hope) I can continue to its aviation part.
Concorde vs. Tu-144

Now I started to work on the long planned Hitechweb special update: Concorde vs. Tu-144. I did really a lot of photos of the each plane and I want to compare every interesting detail side by side. Watch out, good news are comming ;)


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I finished the massive update of all aviation section of my web. Finally the stupid VML technology was removed and all pages are compatible with the Firefox or any other browser including the images. I also added the new navigation interface to match the current 21st century look. Enjoy!

Hitechweb - your opinion matters!

All the Hitechweb fans now have the unique opportunity to influence the content of the page: you can freely choose any topic, that will transform into the one of the first 2011 updates...


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