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1 April 2006
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Please don't look at this as example of my vanity - just wanted to share my happiness of recently becoming acquainted with such remarkable man.


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Yes, he is. I got his signature on a first flight pic of the YF-23 when I was at Northrop; then got to talk with him a couple times during F-35 briefing sessions where he went over the Joint Test Force that he headed,
That is so cool! Way to go Flateric! Thanks for sharing it.

Is Metz a test pilot on the F-35? He was on the production F-22, wasn't he? Between him and Beesley (Sp?), I'll bet they could tell us some stories if they didn't have to kill us aftwerward. ;)
Paul Metz iz 61 now...he retired at the beginning of 2006 - his last rank in Lockheed Martin was VP and JSF director of integrated test force . Surely he has many things to tell, but surely not to guy from Russia)
For example, I'd ask him what PAV-1 actually carried in its weapons bay. Never would ask for his comparison between YF-23 and F-22.
I didn't know he retired. Also, of course you could have asked about which he preferred the YF-23 or YF-22, but he probably would have replied that he is one of the few pilots that was lucky enough (and good enough) to fly both. ;)
Think that Metz signed a while of these photos after a maiden flight day...and some time before))


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I remember when the artists renderings were released of the ATF prototypes, like the one shown in your first pic. At first glance, I remember thinking, the butterfly tail and chines are obviously the Lockheed design and the FAT F-18 is obviously Northrop's. Then I read the article and noticed I had it backwards. I was expecting something radically cool from the Skunk Works. Oh well.

Cool pics, the bottom one is my favorite.
You've just reminded me... my ex has my photo of the tsr2 signed by Jimmy Dell...! I'll never forget meeting him.. he kept going on about what a terrible picture they (BAE i think) had chosen....


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