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7 September 2006
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Do you know about a Gustav Koch or Kochs (the final s maybe the desinence of german possesive form) who designed a cross between Eole and Stippa's flying barrel ?


Gustav Koch was born in Salzburg in 1843
He lived in Munich
Designed during the early 80' model planes , a dirigeable,and a glider which was to be towered to hight by a baloon .
Later he designed the "Turbinenflugzeug " more exactly a " fan" propeller .
In 1896 he designed a " 3 pair of wings ,tandem "with 4 propeller
In 1890 he designed a cabine flying boatpropelled by A "Schaufelrad " (I don't know the word in english,Cyclogire in french )
None was built.
Thank you very much . That's the turbinen flugzeug and the cyclogyre I am most interested in. Is it possible to have more data realting to this projects. I have a 2-view of the T-Flugzeug but none of the Cyclogyre. And nothing regarding exact dates , dimensionnal and expected performance data and the cause of non-building them ?


Sorry, I don't know much more
I must add that G.Koch designed two cyclogires one land,one sea launched
I guess that the lack ol money was the cause of not building those very interrescent projects
Bonne journée
I sent you 4 pics direct (I can't send pics on the site,see "the bar";"mac users" )
Put them on the site if you think they may interrest others members .
Searching for another subject on the Deutsche Patent Office server, I find this Patent n°73603 dated March the 29th, 1892, describing Koch's cyclogyre.


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