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Awesome site. There is a patent site I have always used, but the Google site is much easier to search (Go figure!).

Check out the supersonic version of this Box Wing Design. Note that the first images are the subsonic version. I have images of that large Lockheed Box Wing design to replace the C-5, but this is the first I've seen it as a single seater.

BTW, I did a search on Aircraft Configuration to find this and many other cool designs. :D

Woohoo, I even found the patent for the Skunk Works designed low boom supersonic biz jet (they did for SAI, whose name this patent is under)
Here's another for that design that shows alot of detail of the tail design for it.
Another for the leading edge of the wing design

All kinds of high speed Boeing designs here including many variations of the Sonic Cruiser.
Here's another Sonic Cruiser patent.

GD beaver tail design study. I think some pictures from this are already on this site. I think the top view is one of those design study pics for advanced fighters shown in Aviation Week in the late 70's early 80's.

I find this inlet patent interesting, because I remember seeing this on Grumman designs around 1980 for stealth reasons

Check out this Alitalia Design. A stealthy STOL?

This is the patent for the Lockheed-Martin Hybrid Aircraft that flew last year
Hmmm... Remember the early 80s Aeritalia canard delta fighter design? You can find it here:
The advantage is they have OCRed the older patents, which makes searching much easier than on the patent office site.
Hmmm... Remember the early 80s Aeritalia canard delta fighter design? You can find it here:

What's great about that patent is I always wondered how the propulsion sytem was arranged. I could never tell from that one perspective drawing that was in Aviation Week. I had no idea it was a Pegasus engine, or a similar type of engine. Now it all makes sense. :D
Cool stuff! ))),M1,M1,M1,M1
flateric said:
Cool stuff! )))

In your third and fourth links, it's interesting that Testors wanted to patent designs for their scale models - is that common practice for kit manufacturers?
Reusable flyback booster. Look who invented it... ;),M1

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