GD/Lockheed INCAAPS Mach 5 hypersonic strike aircraft


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1 April 2006
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AlAA 93-0401
'Design of a Hypersonic Waverider-Derived Airplane'
Robert J. Pegg, James L. Hunt, and Dennis H. Petley
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia
Leo Burkardt NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Daniel R. Stevens, Paul L. Moses, S. Zane Pinckney,
Hanee Z. Kabis, Kevin A. Spoth, William M. Dziedzic,
R.I. Kreis, and John G. Martin, Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, Virginia
Paul J. Barnhart
Sverdrup Technology, Inc., Brookpark, Ohio

What the hell is INCAAPS program I don't know, Orionblamblam knows as he refers this to INCAAPS study, but it's probably the case 'I can tell but then I will kill you"
3-view of this is often refered as proof of Aurora existence, I decided to post other images from paper.


  • Design of a Hypersonic Waverider-Derived Airplane. AIAA 93-0401..gif
    Design of a Hypersonic Waverider-Derived Airplane. AIAA 93-0401..gif
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I'll have to check the paper out, but it sounds like the study was unrelated to any possible "Aurora" efforts. After all, how would it have gotten through the public release process? The paper shows a practical design for a hypersonic waverider (if hypersonic waveriders can be called practical to begin with.)


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    afrl avd incaaps-like craft.jpg
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I believe LoFlyte was based on the INCAAPS work.
Not exactly the same. While the outside shape looks quite similar, there is a great difference in the air intakes. This aircraft in PopSci Nov 1988 showed air intakes with movable inlet spikes for 2 turbo ramjet engines, like SR-71 inlets splitted in two half. The aircraft pictured in reply 3 above shows an inlet more like a ram or scram engine.
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