Fw Ta 183 mit jumo 004



Hello all,

New on your site, i share with you my last projekt....The Fw ta 183.....



géry ;)
Thank very much Peter.....i visited your site..nice job...we got the same job..Do you use painter..???
Hi Gery
I use Freehand for the keylines and graphic elements such as the markings and codes etc.
Occasionaly I use Illustrator, but as good as it is, it just won't do what I can get out of Freehand, and I have tried and tried.

Then I put it in to Photoshop and assemble all the views in layers.
Then I colour up and add light and shade.

Being 'old' I tend to apply the brushes as though I'm doing it by hand in the traditional gouache/water colour methods.
Probably because I'm BBC (Born Before Computers) ;D.

I would love to have a go at some 3-D illustrations, but have a lot to learn how to do it on my Mac.

HI flitzer,
I'm too a "BBC", i started my graphic job in 80',graphic design, exhibition design, shop design etc..
i used longtime, inks, gouache, aerograph, xacto ,made models in card board...modeling clay, scluting plaster, and molding RTV and composites...etc
Just a traditionnal formation.....
For 3d , i use Pc Rhino in priority.....(i can mill my model on my cnc), Silo and Lw (does exist on mac...for me the best render).
If you need help about..send me a mail....


Thanks Gery
I may well take you up on the offer. Many thanks.

Now maybe I'll do bit of Rhino tracking.


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