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Focke – Buch gebraucht kaufen


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Nov 6, 2010
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I have it. A few projects are included, with some interesting drawings. The book is mostly about the aircraft that Henrich Focke built and how his company survived through the years. Post war, Mr Focke was involved with French forays into helicopter development, the Borgward Kolibri and the Brazilian Beija-Flor.
There is quite a lot about the FW 61, according to the book the first helicopter to intentionally fly away from the environs of its airfield and return in one piece. If you are interested in Mr Focke's works or early helicopter development and do not mind reading about it in German, it is well worth buying. Light on unbuilt projects, no more than a handful of pages in a book of about 270 pages. To me - very interesting.
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