Flying Tanks

I think only the russian thinghie was actually tested. The christie version was actively marketed but putting a sticker "flying tank" on it did not seem to impress much the US Army. there is also an artist impression with a Christie docked underneath a 4-engined aircraft (early B17?)

Researching a completely different matter, I found this photo of a Burnelli UB-20 with a Ford Roadtser hung underside. The flight was done to advertise a gasoline (Sonoco Blue) as able to igite at high altitude and low temperature. In the caption of the photo I found also that the same ruse was made in 1932 with a tank (a small one, I presume...)


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Apparently the Japanese were also interested. I've seen a drawing of something very similar to the Soviet KT with the Type 94 Tankette. Of course, there's a real chance this was just a planned copy of something that didn't exist in the first place :p
-Japanese project Maeda Ku-6
-Antonov A-40 KT
-Works of Grohovskiy with TB-1 , TB-3
-Grohovskiy G-26 (Attempt of the creation flying car)


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Here's the already mentioned proposal by Raoul Hafner, to fit a rotor to the
Valentine tank. Actually tested was only the "Rotabuggy".
At least the british concepts were superseded by the Hamilcar transport glider.

(from Aeroplane Monthly 10/91 via lark ;) )


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Is there anyone of you specialist who haves
more info about a Burnelli winged tank or flying
tank carrier project of the 1940's ?

Thanks in advance.
Hi everybody

I have found some! I do not know anything about this Project !
But i think it is total fantasy! Only the Tank weights about 33t !
A SU-25 with a T-34/85 Tank

Many greetings

Some fantasy/whatif models are conceptual interesting or aestheticaly fascinating. If I can speak frankly, in my personal opinion that ridiculous chimera looks awful. A waste of time. :mad:
Hi everyone

Here the japanese flying tank KU-RO

Many greetings
does this site have English translation ? Checked it a bit but couldn't see if there was
Hi everyone

To r16: Please look here for information about the KU-RO

Some very good articles
Here some about the Ant-40

And another russian flying Tank

Some russian and others Flying Tanks

Many greetings
Here's a drawing of the KT tank glidr, constructed by Oleg K.Antonov,
AFAIK the only "flying tank", that really made it from the darwing board
to actual hardwae.
(from "Kampfsegler im 2. Weltkrieg" by J.E.Mrazek)


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Small addenda to good finding MOIN 1900
4 -flying tank Kamov's (1932)
5-7 flying tank Rafaelyants (1932)
1 -flying tank Smal'ko MAS-1 (1937)
2 -conditionally flying tank Levkov's (1937) ground-effect vehicle
3 -T-37A ...before, in flight and after
Bibliography:"Russian armoured machines 1905-1941" Exprint
"History of Aviation" #1-2003; #23


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Thanks borovik
Here about the Burnelli

Many greetings
Even in the mid-sixties, the HFB (Hamburger Flugzeug Bau) designed
a lightly armoured, hoverable recce vehicle, based on the lift-fan research
during this time.
(from "Bilderchronik HFB")


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Even in the mid-sixties, the HFB (Hamburger Flugzeug Bau) designed
a lightly armoured, hoverable recce vehicle, based on the lift-fan research
during this time.
(from "Bilderchronik HFB")

a german jumping jeep...

I found this Picture

the text say
Tupolev Bomber with T27 Tank (i think this a T-60 under the TB-3 carrier.)
and used for drop test, the Tank survived, how the crew survived that, no Info....


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These tanks must have been dropped just a few feet from the ground


Wikipedia has some answers
Some extra stuff on Antonov KT ('Krilatiy Tank') aka A-40 from excellent Leonid Karyakin and Vitaliy Moiseev site


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3 -T-37A ...before, in flight and after
There was no such 'after', sadly... According to Svirin, three T-37A tanks were dropped on the water during tests, but in spite of different shields protecting their hulls, all three were damaged on impact and sunk.

Tupolev Bomber with T27 Tank (i think this a T-60 under the TB-3 carrier.)
No, it's the T-27 tankette.



Burnelli flying tank of 1942.


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r16 said:
does this site have English translation ? Checked it a bit but couldn't see if there was

There is no English version of my website or a translation available yet. But all informations in my article on the Ku-Ro or So-Ra flying tank were taken with permission from Taki´s IJA website and a discussion with him on the old "Pacific War 1941-1945"-Board which is no longer available. Maybe you can contact him on the axis history forum.

I recently removed all pics from my website due to a copyright check.

A translation of the article:

"In 1943 the development of an airborne tank started which should be transported as a glider by service aircraft. After landing wings and tail should be detracted and the vehicle should support the airborne troops as light tank. Steering and handling during the air transport were the main problems. It is not known which development stages were reached. At least one wooden mock-up was built but there are no indications for the production of a prototype.

Several questions were probably not solved:
- How to start a tracked vehicle without supporting wheels or a sledge?
- How to steer such a vehicle during flight?
- How to detract the attached elements?

With introduction of the Ku-7 transport glider which was able to transport the type 98 and type 2 light tanks intended as light airborne tanks the glider tank became redundant."


thanks and ı will gladly use the opportunity to wellcome you to Secret Projects Forum .
Matej said:
Is there some 3 view of the Christie's flying tank or the only source is the article in the Modern mechanics and inventions?
Only the side view.((


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"ПТГ"(podvesnaya tanketka Grokhovskogo) - suspended tankette by Grokhovskii and her carrier-vehicle G-37 "ULK"


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... or : When military experts dream ..
In the german “Fliegerkalender 1997” I recently “re-discovered” a report about one of the 19 patents applied by Dr.Hans Krech, a reserve officer of the army of the FRG and managing director of the “Wissenschaftliche Forum für Internationale Sicherheit e.V.” (Scientific Forum for International Security), It’s about a flyable fighting vehicle, especially for the use by the peacekeeping units of the UN.
The “Blue Peacekeeper” (because it is meant to be used by UN-troops only !) is a flyable, so self-deployable MICV (Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle), able to take-off and land vertically by means of a RR Pegasus 103 engine, transporting eight fully equipped soldiers directly into the combat zone. It shall be armed with a 30mm gun and a co-axial MG in a turret, 4 anti tank, 2 air-to-ground and 1 air-to-air missiles, armour would be up to 4 cm thick, giving protection against small arms fire and splinters, quite similar to a conventional troop carrier as the M 113. But the Peacekeeper shall even be able to engage targets from the air, much in the way of a helicopter or perhaps the Harrier, so probably being the dream of every army commander. Cruising speed is given as 750 km/h (405 kn), range 3330 km (1800nm), there’s provision for inflight-refuelling and pilot/commander, co-pilot and the eight troops are seated on ejection seats. It’s mentioned, that only vertical take-off and landing is possible, a little bit strange, I think, as even a tracked vehicle should be able of a rolling take-off.For the construction, already existing components, especially wing and tail of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and of course the Pegasus engine should be used.

I had top and front view, so the side view could be reconstructed quite easily and determining the dimensions wasn't that difficult, due to the F-14 wings. And here came quite a surprise. The side view
looks a little bit strange, ok, but if we compare it to, say a M2A2 Bradley the sheer size becomes
obvious.No question, I think, that even the most powerful version of the Pegasus cannot lift such a
vehicle !
A rough calculation gave the estimated weight of engine, wings, armament, crew and fuel alone as
about 8.700 kg, not to mention the structure, chassis and armour !
So my résumé is : It’s not a joke, it’s a patent ! Or is it the other way round ? ;D

(The inventor has published a book with the title “Neue Waffentechnologien für den Kampf gegen den internationalen Terrorismus“ (New weapons technologies for the war against international terrorism), that includes this project, AFAIK. I’m really curious for all the other ideas !)


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on first look is to heavy for a Pegasus engine
but is main hull is made from composite material around Main frame,
its light enough for liftoff and landing
track are not a ideal landing gear, so VTOL makes more sense

got some one this book
“Neue Waffentechnologien für den Kampf gegen den internationalen Terrorismus“ ?
Editor: Dr.Hans Krech
ISBN-10: 3895745316
only 46 pages
On Amazon is not available :mad:
but they got more info on the other ideas:
Stealth/ optical invisibly Speedboats
Combat helmet with sensors who localize hidden enemy's in the barely penetrable jungle
a impenetrable Lasershield made of million crossing laserbeams,
protecting nuclear powerstation against terrorist.

those idea...
can it be that guys read to much Perry Rhodan or Z.B.V. by Karl Herbert Scheer ?!


here a "Shift" from Perry Rhodan Series

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