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Apr 21, 2009
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A US Army program back in the 50's filmed by the Army for the general public. IMHO as 'society' grows further and further distant from the soldier these are the types of videos that should be on TV today filmed and narrated by the military. Although I am under no allusions that it would ever happen given the outcry from the PC world. It is important for the layman to understand warfare and the weapons of war.

At 2:30 the talk about the 288mm and how they are ready to fire a nuclear shell can you imagine today saying we are ready and willing to use nukes.

Also, I just love the language, "there's a commie machine gun up on the hill." ;D


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Jun 7, 2008
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bobbymike said:
It is important for the layman to understand warfare and the weapons of war.

Absolutely. The thing which depresses me about a lot of pacifists/anti-militarists is the amount of sheer ignorance they demonstrate. At least if you're going to be against something, have a proper understanding of it. If you're going to criticise your military's undertakings, at least try to understand something about the way it operates and the tools it uses, their limitations, etc. I do not think the gulf is bigger than in the area of the civilian-casualties debate - there are people who either cannot or do not want to admit that, by and large, the armed forces of the West are generally formed of conscientious men and women who are doing their best to defeat their nations' enemies without killing people they don't specifically want dead, while those enemies are not above deliberately involving civilians in their firefights so they can be killed alongside them and make for bad press.

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