Fairchild M-185F


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12 July 2006
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Fairchild M-185F

I remember the book where I read about a Fairchild M-185F (it was in JAWA 1956/1957), but I have no information, no pictures (or artist’s impressions), no drawings.

Can anybody help?
Hi boxkite,

the M-185 was ten seat business executive jet transport aircraft,a picture to it
here www.airwarfareforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=6324
Hello Boxkite,
no drawing, no artist's impression, just a mock-up.
Sorry, didn't really know what's on my HD. ???,
It's from FlugWelt II/60, I think .


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Interesting, I wonder what engines were proposed. At a guess, I'd go with the same engines installed on production JetStars.
Fairchild M-185F Display Model

Greetings All -

An interesting model on EPay....


Enjoy the Day! Mark


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Re: Fairchild M-185F Display Model

Beautiful and rare. A bit bruised but nice nonetheless.
Re: Fairchild M-185F Display Model

Very nice find, Mark. I ignored it because it was made from wood believing it was made somewhere in Asia. Doesn't appear to be broken. In very good shape for its age.
Thanks for posting the ePay link and pics. Neat design. Makes me think of the S-3.
Found this while Yahooing. Says the engines were fairchild J83s. http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1957/1957%20-%201500.html
Also from the Flight archives:

Another design in the four-jet category is the eight-passenger Fairchild M-185F, three of which have been ordered by the Continental Can Company. A full-scale mockup has been in existence for some time, and the first flight should be made late this year or early in 1958, with deliveries to follow about eight months later. If they can be made available in time, four Fairchild 2,000 lb-thrust J83s mounted in under-wing podded pairs will be used, but Westinghouse J34s may be installed as a short-term alternative. The M-185F will cruise at 540 m.p.h., carries 1,500-1,580 gal of fuel and meets the A.M.C. 2,300 n.m. range requirement against a 70 kt headwind with 30 min reserve. The ceiling is 45,000ft (35,000ft on three engines). Fairchild hope to sell 600 at a price of about £350,000. With a span of about 57ft and a length of some 56ft, the M-185F is probably the largest of the executive jets under review.



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A couple photos of the restored model.


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OK. More.


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Thank you ! The model has slightly different lines with regards to the nose, cockpit glazing and tail,
compared to the mock-up and 3-view. An earlier or later step in the development of this design ?
Jemiba said:
Thank you ! The model has slightly different lines with regards to the nose, cockpit glazing and tail,
compared to the mock-up and 3-view. An earlier or later step in the development of this design ?
I don't know. The model looks more contemporary than the mockup, but it could be the other way around. I can't find any further information on this project, unfortunately.
FYI, not mine, but this is on eBay.


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Photo from old Aviation Week of a model the M-185F.


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Fairchild test-flew a similar engine configuration when they modified a C-123 to XC-123A configuration by installing a pair of GE J47 turbojets under each wing with each pair of engines twinned in a single nacelle.
From Flying 1956/11,

the new thing that it was intended to fly at late 1957 and not early 1958 ?.


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Quite possibly the schedule got changed after the photo was published.

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