F-15 NCTR, RWR, EID in combat

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27 December 2005
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From Steve Davies - F-15C Eagle Units in Combat

Engagement versus Iraqi Mirage F-1

I was therefore working through my NCTR & EID "tree" .... but getting no return... I finally finished my EID matrix at about 10 miles or so, but I was still asking AWACS for confirmation

Engagement versus Iraqi MiG-29
I locked onto a target at eight miles and initiated my ID matrix, at which point I had an RWR indication that I had a "Slot Back" (MiG-29) radar locked onto me"

We started going through our ID matrix, and the target displayed a friendly electronic return to both of us

Engagement versus Iraqi Mirage F-1
I took a lock because I'd been tasked to EID any guys who we may have to shoot

Noteworthy things from 1991: EID seems very hit and miss. Many F-15 pilots were using sniper scopes for longer range VID.
Royal Dutch Air Force EID Matrix on Operation Allied Force:

In an interview with Jane's Defence Weekly, Lt Col Jon Abma, RNLAF, commanding officer of the Belgian-Netherlands Deployed Air Task Force (DATF) described the events that happened during the first moments of Operation Allied Force.

That base is understood to have been Batajnica, home of the Yugoslav Air Force's only MiG-29 unit, the 127th Fighter Aviation Squadron 'Knights'. Col Abma said: "The four F-16AMs headed out toward the threat, working to detect the MiGs on their own radars. Subsequently, one of the MiGs was picked up by all four F-16s. When within range, our flight leader fired one AMRAAM against the MiG. It was an instant hit, after a flight of 30 seconds."

The AMRAAM, credited with a speed of over 4,000km/h,would be capable of covering a distance of more than 33km in 30 seconds. According to RNLAF personnel at Amendola, the head-on missile intercept took place 18km from the lead F-16.

"The pilot involved visually saw a fiery explosion. At the same time, the AWACS recorded that the MiG disappeared from the scope," Col Abma said. "We have never seen the other MiG-29s, but around the same time two US F-15s shot down two of those aircraft."

Col Abma said that the rules of engagement (ROEs) for air-to-air engagements require that the target has been tracked by AWACS throughout its flight, and that four other parameters also must be met. Other RNLAF officers said that among those are a positive IFF identification and an approval from the mission commander.

So the EID Matrix would be:

AWACS tracking throughout is fly
Positive IFF (Mark XII Mode 2/4?)
Approval from mission commander (Division Flight Leader?)

(Don't known but presumed)
Emitter/Flight Profile information (from where they came, how did they fly how did they emit)
NCTR (Combat Tree or supposed radar related NCTR?)
The ID matrix consisted of NCTR, AWACS EID, IFF, EWWS and RWR.

ROE determined what the minimum criteria was, but typically the Eagle pilot could engage if the following were met:

Lack of friendly indications
Presence of hostile indications

VID was desirable, but very rarely gained in advance of the first missile being fired.
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