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F-117 FSD oddity


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Nov 7, 2013
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My first post, I welcome criticisms regarding the nature of the questions and posting it on this forum, otherwise I'd appreciate anyone who has more detailed info than I do regarding my topic.

Below are pics of aircraft 783 (fsd 4) refirbed for display at Edwards. One of the pics is supposedly that of 783 at an airschow. Maybe I'm wrong but I do believe all the FSD aircraft when serving at Edwards AFB with the test team had the intake grid wiper system installed in the forward step below the intakes like the rest of the production aircraft did. Details like shape of Flir window and use of "sawtooth" around cockpit glazing and frame varied between the different FSD and later production types but the intake wiper "ledge" was present on all aircraft I'm fairly certain unless someone with better knowledge corrects me.

My first question is was this no.783 refurbished for display purposes with intake wipers removed to hearken back to its earlier test period? It has a small gray scorpion behind the cockpit as well.

2nd question: What was the time frame for the fitting of the intake wiper ledge below the intakes on the F-117 FSDs and also what was the time frame for fitting the pointed apex canopy with refueling light? Did either or both of these features appear on aircraft 783 before it was painted air superiority blue for a daylight testing of that scheme? It says in various books that at one point air superiority blue was tested but I haven't found the time period for this test. Evening Shade was in 1993 when 782 was painted back in a light gray,(gray ghost) so possibly the airsup blue scheme on 783 was also around this time as well but I just wanted to ask if anyone else knows of the correct time period specifically for the air superiority blue scheme.

This image shows the intake grid wiper installation present on 783, unless this isn't 783. Where this image came from the caption was that it was 783. The new display at Edwards AFB the aircraft doesn't have the intake wipers.

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