F-117 and X-Wing Mated, Speculation Or Koku-Fan Bluff?


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1 April 2006
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Found that pic credited to Boeing in 1988 Koku-Fan issue - with B-2 roll-out and F-117 unveiling as a main theme
Another speculation? May be our Japanese friends can help with translation?


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I doubt that it has anything in common with the real things. I really can't see the way, how to solve the radar reflections between this type of rotor and the rest of the fuselage. Not to mention the air intakes for cruise engines (?) and the lot of other details. For me it is fan art, nothing more. At least for now.
OK, I'm not naive, just sent it to share, being surprised by picture credit. If you judge of anime, you can come to the conclusion that Japanese guys really don't need any artifical substancies to expose their fantazy. Koku Fan artists had some weird ideas from time to time - I remember seing schematics of YF-23 weapon bay with pallete rotating along aircraft CL to move missiles in the airstream...
Well while it is a bit out there, it is interesting to note that artists impressions of Lockheed Martins UCAR had a passing similarity to the picture you have shown.

It evolved into a later design (2004), which was a little less A117ish


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Hardly doubt that UCAR has roots in 1988 Koku-Fan)))
flateric, my old friend,

Checked with a Japanese friend of mine and the caption says, 'CAS-X Concept Drawing released by Boeing Inc.' Question now is what is CAS-X? Close-Air Support - eXperimental?
Mr. Cummings was a configuration designer at Boeing (Heritage
Rockwell) from 1967-1982. During that time he worked on the B-1,
early Stealth aircraft, AFTI, and Low-cost Fighter designs. In 1978 he
was appointed Chief Engineer of the Next Generation Trainer (NGT)
program. In 1988 he joined Northrop Corporation as the Chief
Configuration Designer for the YF-23 Fighter Program. He was also
the Chief Designer for the Northrop Multi-role Fighter and CAS-X
projects. In 1988
he rejoined Boeing (heritage Rockwell) as the Chief
Engineer/Chief Designer of the Ranger 2000 Jet Trainer Program


Timing is right.
Northrop CAS-X


from topic:

CAS-X is also mentioned in a 1988 GE AIAA article on propfans, with a tiny picture of a concept. Therefore CAS-X embraced very different concepts.
Has anyone dug up info on the CAS-X program in the time since the last post here?
I don't think that those topics would be a good fit with this one.
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