Everybody OK after the Kyrill?


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22 January 2006
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I have heard today about the hurricane :eek:

Eveybody is ok there in UK, Belgium, Germany (Overscan, Lark, Boxkite, Jemiba, Deino...)?
Fine- I did nearly lose a book on the way home though (I tend to read while walking). Was VERY windy though.
Rainy and very windy, many trees broken down in the forests around Berlin,
but not too much damage in the city. Only the new central station was closed
yesterday, because a two ton steel girder broke down. But I can't imageine, that
it was the storm alone ... probably something botched there ! ::)
My dears,

I will pray to the god to save all of you.
I think that we here at Slovakia had a luck. At the Czech republic and Austria, there was a very strong wind, but it lost a lot of its force just before slovakian borders. Some 110 km/h at the mountains peaks, 40 km/h where I live, so its nothing serious here.
Some pictures from High Tatras national park where a windstorm in november 2004 flatened over 13000 hectares of forest. I took them during my vacation in fall 2005. When we returned there after a year, we could not believe our eyes, the whole place looked like a “battlefield”....


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...Meantime, in Moscow...
OK, in fact we had +6C yesterday and heavy rains
today we have heavy winds and snow...but dogs are not flying still


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Looks like the Mount Saint Helens region.

The last thing we need here in Central Europe would be an active vulcan (only 'XH558' at an airshow would be welcome ;) ).

No damages to home and soul (only my over-concerned parents were paralysed due to the TV news already before the storm arrived Germany). Otherwise the situation was similar to Jens' description from Berlin - very windy and rainy. Some spots in the Thuringian Forest look like them in the High Tatra (see mrdetonator's pictures), but not so exhaustive.

Luckily no dead persons here in Thuringia. It was 'only' a very hard day for the fire brigades - roof damages, unrooted and broken trees, trucks knocked over ...

To consider the results, you have to live with my stupid questions furthermore ;D. (However, I concede you a breather because my home PC is in for repair - that's the reason for the delay - so I have to answer from the job/workplace computer.)

Chin up, wherever you are! ;)

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