Etendard V - TALP Proposal


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3 January 2006
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Merciiiiiiiii!!!! I just love this forum :D
Well this thing doesn't look like an Etendard IV anymore!!! Quite logical, considering longe range/ subsonic speed requirement, opposed to etendard IV short range / transonic speed...
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What doest it means TALP?. Could you give more info about this type?

Thanks a lot
TALP is the name of the program. This mean "TActique Longue Portée" Ie "Long range tactical (fighter)". This mean absolutely nothing, even in french : its a kind of military- program language.
To my mind, long range and tactical are opposite concepts no?
TALP was for a fighter in F-6D Missileer style (Subsonic with a powerfull radar).
Of course, there was no Bendix Eagle or AIM-47 equivalent in France!
Other proposal was from Breguet (Br.1170)


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In current (correct) french, the name of the program would have been something as long as "Avion de Chasse Tactique a Long Rayon d'Action" Well TALP is much shorter to pronounce!!!! ;D
Unless carrier deck elevator size forced it, I'd imagine that the wing fold was just outboard of the integral mid-span tanks. That location would drastically simplify the requirements for the mechanisms and systems necessary for the folding.
"TActique Longue Portée"

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I think this interesting project is not illustrated dans Les Avions de Combat Français 1945-60
It is not, for two reasons
first, it date back from 1963 so it is out of the book timeline.
Second, its a project, not a flying aircraft (if there's projects in the book, I suppose they are derivatives from flying aircrafts). I hace to ask you something, but per PM.
In September 2011 issue of the French magazine "Le Fana de l'Aviation", there is an article about the American F-6D Missileer program and about the French TALP (Tactique á longue portée)program. The article shows a 3-view drawing of Etendard V with 2 unknown missiles under each wing.
Tinwing, the wing folds are outboard of the tanks.


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missiles looks curious, perhaps a ramjet is the part hanging beneath the main missile body?

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